Saturday, August 30, 2008

Comex is a horrible place!

Went to Comex at Suntec City just now and I HATED IT!!! There's possibly like 80% of Singapore population in there and people just walk without minding other people! There was this woman who was pushing a pram with a girl inside who looks like 5-year old! And she's still inside the pram!!!

Please mothers, leave your kids at home if you're going to the Comex, this is not exactly like going to the playground!! We don't need your screaming and misbehaving kids at this already crowded place!!

And then there's this couple who suddenly just cut our path and I was half way moving and that guy's shoes just pull up my toe nails!!! It's damn painful loh!!!! The pain just stay there even until I reach home, totally ruined my mood lah!

And you think it's really good bargain inside there? Think again... Is it worth to be squeezed with 1 billion other people to save 20 bucks? I think this is the first time I went to Comex and most probably the last one as well!

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