Saturday, August 30, 2008

Donut Gathering or Not

Ok this is not very recent, maybe last Thursday if I remember correctly, we were supposed to meet up for donut gathering but somehow ended up eating everything else except donut! We went to Canele or Cenele (can't remember the name) at Raffles City.

I think the food is ok, not fantastic but the place is nice and meeting friends always make me feel good especially when they are really good fun! We were sitting just opposite this waxing house called Strip and Akh commented that all the girls that came out from there walk funny... HAHHHAH.. :p

We didn't wear green on purpose! Actually I was waiting for them at Swatch watch outlet and I realized that all the shop assistants there were wearing green as well! I just had to flee from the shop before someone asked me for help in that shop!

After dinner, we ordered dessert.. 2 yummy cakes!! And Akh was not taking part in the cake-eating contest.. maybe because we kept on telling him that his fingers are fat..

And now I realized that I didn't take photo of the cake that I ordered!! I can't believe how forgetful I am!! And Akh is camera-shy, so this is the best I can do.. Take photo of him when he was settling the bill!

Seriously, for someone who deals with camera a lot, he really prefers to be behind the lense than in front of it.. scare the lense crack? HAHAHAH sorry Akh since you are so mean to me, I can't help it! Ok and why is he mean to me? Keep reading..

I went to Jess trial make-up to help her take photo and see if the make-up nice and the evening gown that she just chose as well (main reason is just to kaypoh lah actually. I shall not post the photos here coz I dunno which one she wants to show.. and then her hubby arrived with this big A4 paper box. I thought it was their ang pow box at first and I was so terrified!! Then I looked closer..

So mean right!!! And then.. zoom even closer..

46!!! Well I do hope I still look like now when I'm 46.. hee hee.. :D

As if that's not enough, they even asked for donuts!!

And they still dare sign-off with their real names loh.. but I know the mastermind of this whole mean thing must be Akh lah...

But me being the kind, big-hearted, and forgiving soul that I am *ahem*, I shall hold no hard feeling towards them.. Actually it's becoz the inside of the box is so much nicer than the outside lah..

They also gave me this green luggage strap in case I lose my luggage again!!

And then since Akh couldn't come to the fitting and I couldn't thank him personally, me STILL BEING THE NICE AND WELL-MANNERED ME, sent them an email to thank them for the present..

And Akh being the mean person that he is replied..

And I'm not even 27 yet !!!!!! ARGGHHH!!! And Jess is probably going to buy 4D.. 2727 or 2736.. taking advantage of other people's misery..

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