Sunday, August 24, 2008

Friends Migrating..

A friend is leaving for Canada today and she probably won't be back for 2 years if she doesn't like it there.. and if she does like it there, maybe she'll stay there for good?

Another one is leaving for NZ next week and she's someone who I met up with frequently for lunch and talk almost everyday on chat softwares, I'm going to miss her a lot..

You see as a foreigner living in SG, I lost contact with most of my primary, junior and senior high school friends, except those who always studied in Singapore, but then again some of them went back to Indo after graduation.. so I don't really have that much friends left over here..

Of course, there are also new friends that I met here and we meet up quiet frequently for dinner or just chit chatting, but is there guarantee that they will never migrate out of this tiny island as well?

As for me, I like Singapore. I like the fact that this place accepted and welcomed me even though I was not born here, the fact that ppl get along well with people from other races, etc. The thought of getting Singapore citizenship crosses my mind more than 100 times, and I in fact has prepared the application forms etc, but there's a lot of documents to prepare and I'm just plain lazy.. the last time I went to ICA, I forgot to bring my passport! I just can't understand why these lucky Singaporeans want to leave this nice country.. maybe the grass is always greener on the other side.. or they just don't know how lucky they are until they live in another country..


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