Monday, August 25, 2008

My slightly more colorful weekend

After a few boring weekends, I finally have a less boring one this week..hehehe sounds sad huh? :D

Anyway, Jess told me about Phillips warehouse sale and how good it was last year or 2 years ago where they bought most of the electrical appliances for their new flat at Fernvale. So I was really convinced and went there yesterday. The sale is in Toa Payoh near their big office building, but before we went there we sent my in-laws to drop their donation at Salvation Army and then dropped them at Thomson Plaza (never been there before, must go there some day!).

Ok so when we reached the Phillips Warehouse Sale place, the place was full with people! A lot of them parked illegally along the road but we were lucky coz we tried our luck by going in to the building car park :D

We saw Jess and TTS there, she only bought an iron! How disappointing! I was imagining TTS carrying 3 big boxes hahahahaha :D It was really hot and humid and there were lots of people trying to squeeze their way to the bazaar table! There's this fat uncle who came later than us and then positioned his body so near behind me! STUPID CHEE KO PEK!!! and then when the person in front of me decided not to buy the watever stuff, that uncle just cut the queue!!! SUCH AN UGLY BEHAVIOUR!!!

Ok so watever lah, despite all these hassle and squeezing and trying to be more kiasu than other people, we managed to buy a radio clock, a shaver for my hubby, and a new home theatre set for our entertainment room! That radio clock is such a good bargain, only 20 bucks! And it means that I don't have to wake up shocked by my other alarm clock, I swear that one can wake the whole block up! Now I can wake up to 91.3 radio :D

We could have bought more stuff since we have a new flat but our dearest friends somehow managed to buy us stuff that we need and don't already have and none of them gave duplicate stuff! They are all so clever!!

Just as we finished shopping there and walking to our car, I felt drizzle coming down... such a good timing huh.. but the sale was done outdoor and I wonder what happened to those ppl after that. I also told my sister (who was still at home when I reached back!) that it's now raining, so maybe she didn't go at all.

Then we had a quick lunch as my hubby was going to help his fren move stuff from his office to his rental flat. After he left, I just slept.. hahaha.. until someone called me from my nice beauty sleep.. I tried to ignore it coz I thought it was my sis asking me to go out with her.. hahaha.. then the person tried to call my blackberry (which has a louder ringtone!) and then when I tried to pick it up, the line was cut off! And then suddenly the door bell rings outside!!! Arrgghh... why are there so many ppl disturbing me!

Turned out it was my hubby and his frens carrying a big black sofa bed! I just looked at them sleepily and they wanted to put the big sofa straight away to the entertainment room but I told them that the other sofa is still inside, gotta take that one out first. Then my hubby heroically said "It's ok, I will do it myself later" (direct translation from Chinese) - wo che qi cuo.. dunno whether it's the corect pinyin or not.. but it's definitely not wo MEN che qi cuo.. which means WE do it ourselves later.. (ok save the story for later)

Then he left again to continue helping his fren to move stuff from the lorry (I assume) to his fren's flat. Then me.. continue sleeping.. hahahaha.. ok maybe this is still a boring weekend lah.. then when I'm awake again, my hubby was at home again and my in-laws are outside.. hahahaha.. then he said we're going dinner with his frens so I gotta go n wash my face etc etc.. so that at least there's no drool on my face!

We went to Bedok for dinner.. I dunno what's the name of the place even though I was the one who drove there. My horrible husband is very bad in giving directions loh! He said keep left here.. and then we drove on the slow left lane for maybe 2 km, then he said yah turn left here.. omg!!.. then sometimes he made me drive wrong way as well! So stressful laahh.. And even though there's a Google Map in my blackberry, he sometimes refuse to look at it! SO EGO LAH!!!

After dinner, we went to IKEA Tampines.. We bought 2 smaller cushions and cushion covers, table lamp, curtain for our bedroom side window, etc. I think our flat look a little bit nicer after today :D

*finally posted the photos here..*

Sunday was just a peaceful day.. my hubby went to meet his frens at Changi Airport and he didn't wait for me!! MEAN PERSON!! And turned out it's not just that friend's farewell, they were also celebrating somebody (that I know)'s bday! And they had cakes and stuff!!! HE'S A BIG MEANO!!! So now he owes me cakes!

And then at night, we went to eat dinner with sis-in-law family at Noble House.. is that the name? The one by Tung Lok at UIC building. We had ala carte buffet, so to make the most of the $$$ that we (ok bro-in-law) paid, we have to eat more stuff! I ate until my stomach was going to burst!!

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