Thursday, August 14, 2008

Random Happenings

Finally uploaded photos from digicam and this blogger is back to work! Ok.. I shall just go by the order the photos were taken since I can't really remember the dates..

Since we have a car now, my hubby decided that we should explore places that are not accessible by public transport, so one night he drove me to Lower Peirce Reservoir, but I didn't take photos there.. and then during one of the weekend, he drove me to Upper Peirce Reservoir (the spelling looks funny huh? but apparently that's how it's spelt.. look at the sign board photo)..

The sun was really really bright that day, it was hard to take photos without squinting my eyes! It was really hot also.. I almost thought that it counter-effect my showering that morning..

And then we went to Downtown East, that place changed a lot since I been there last time! It's much more happening but still very family centric, it's those kind of place where I will think "I will bring my kids here next time.." Look at the colorful ferris wheel!

And on another random occassion is Meg's farewell dinner. She's going to further her studies overseas so she might not come back for perhaps another 2 years... oh man, why are all my friends migrating out of this country?? Anyway, we went to NYDC at Bugis Junction and ate until we were so full.. or maybe drink elephancino until we were TOO full..

And of course must take group photo.. so vain..

We finished about 9+ and I was waiting for my hubby to pick me up and then he told me to go to Suntec and fetch him instead since he drank beer. Remember "Don't Drink And Drive!" hhaha.. anyway, so I took MRT (lazy to walk laa..) to City Hall and took the new underground pass to Suntec. This is still ok..

And the next day I went to Funan to fix my O2.. stupid phone.. the adapter died like within 3 months, but since I can still charge it using USB, I never bother to bring it back to the shop for repair. And recently the O2 battery run out very fast, so I thought I might as well bring both the adapter and battery to the repair shop before the warranty expires in September. Alas, they told me that the warranty for accessories is only 6 month.. duh! Anyway, so I went there for nothing and then my MEAN husband asked me to go Bugis so that he can avoid ERP charge..

You see.. I was at Bugis the previous day, then gotta go to City Hall.. and then I was at City Hall, he asked me to go Bugis... mean!!!

Anyway, despite him being mean to me, we still managed to take fun photos with our new hats :p

Yeah!! I got Blogger hat!! Got it from the Google store :)

Ok, continuing our exploration effort to inaccessible area, there was one day that we went to East Coast Park for dinner. We found this place that sells Japanese and Korean food, can't remember what the name is. The place is quite cosy and the waitress was friendly.

Ok, shall blog again next time when my life become more exciting :p

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