Monday, September 15, 2008

2008 Resolution Check - September

Forgot to do resolution check again cos too busy with work and other stuff..

  1. Buy a place of our own, be it new or resale, 4-room or 5-room... this was actually one of my unfulfilled 2007 resolutions.. ♥ checked ♥
  2. Be a better person, I know I've been a very impatient person, especially to my hubby, always get angry at him and even scolded him, maybe I expected him to be perfect, but I know nobody's perfect and as the crazy girl told me he has his own strong points. Thanks jess for reminding me that :) I think I should ask hubby to comment abt this lah.. dunno whether accomplished oredi or not..
  3. Lost weight!!! maybe should change it to gain weight... pass in flying colors!!
  4. Go to a new country, maybe Korea or Macau.. shdn't go to somewhere to expensive or else it will make my resolution no. 1 fail again :( ♥ checked ♥ I went to Japan airport!! HAHAHA I DON'T CARE IT'S STILL COUNTED!! Addition for this month: went to New Zealand which I never been before! :)
  5. Be better in managing my expenses.. for e.g. the 800 bucks PDA is as good as the 200 bucks one even if it's without 3G! only bought 10 lambs in NZ.. plus other stuff..
  6. Be better spiritually :) well... not good at all..
  7. Get a promotion ♥ checked ♥
  8. Get an increment ♥♥ checked twice ♥♥ found a new job yeay!
  9. Get my Singapore driving license! ♥ checked ♥
  10. Get my own set of wheels.. this is not priority but good to have.. as long as no. 1 is fulfilled =) ♥ checked ♥

I really wish I can be better spiritually seeing that I have most of my worldly goals covered. New Zealand's nature is so pretty, it made me think how great God is. Imagine how Eden was like!

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