Monday, September 29, 2008

Chee Yong & Li Hui Wedding in Malacca

We went to Malacca over the weekend for Chee Yong & Li Hui's wedding. They are friends from hall and they've been dating for a long time, and they are finally tying the knot! :)

There were 3 cars:
1. Wee Yeh - WY, Wei Leng, and another girl
2. Ryan - Ryan, Ryan's fiancee Alice, Charles
3. Us - Laval, Min Hui, hubby and me

Car 1 and 2 have walkie talkie that can communicate if they are 200 metres away.. so funny loh.. might as well tailgate each other! And then car 1 has GPS that is so powerful, can go through all the small roads in Malacca.. lol! Actually he just anyhow drove one.. Malaca city tour!

We reached there about 2 or 3 PM, it was about 3 hours drive, surprisingly no jam at custom! YAY! When we reach Malacca, we were all really tired. Everyone was saying to meet up at 3:30 but turned out everyone was sleeping and nobody went out! I woke up at about 5:30 PM and we decided to go to the Pahlawan Mall which is opposite the hotel that we were staying, Hotel Equatorial.

They really sell lots of stuff there but because I just came back from HK and saw how cheap stuff are in HK, I didn't really feel like buying anything from there. I only noticed a donut shop hahaha.. I know I'm supposed to be on diet, but donuts.. really hard to pass.. but I shared the fats with some people.. hahahahah.. you know who you are..

Anyway, we rushed back about 6:30 PM to shower and get ready for the banquet. The place is really grand and the photos turn out really nice. Li Hui looks sooooo pretty! I like her evening gown too, it's so sexy and elegant. I feel like I wanna get married again! hahahahah ok enough bridezilla time.. I think I gave my hubby quite a hard time last time.. :p

Anyway, these are some photos from the trip and I hope more friends to get married and have kids! It's so exciting! I need to get out of my boring life :D

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