Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Hong Kong Trip

Finally I'm back to blogging! Was so busy recently with all the trips this month and a few gatherings that have been arranged since long time ago..

Ok so in this post, I shall talk about Google Singapore office offsite to Hong Kong. The main attraction of this whole offsite is HK Disneyland and of course the company dinner.

Our flight was so early in the morning! 7 am if I'm not wrong, that means we gotta be in the airport at 5!! Me, of course dragged my hubby out of bed and forced him to send me to the airport hehhe.. too bad we didn't even have time to have breakfast together because the United Airlines counters were so bloody inefficient! They took more than 1.5 hours to check us in! So he just sent me to airport, waited at the side, then just said good bye.. so sad right..

Anyway, when we reached HK, there was the tour guide waiting for us to take us to our hotel. We stayed at a hotel in Mongkok area, which at first I found it quite scary because Mongkok is the place they usually use to film those HK gangster movie and the place also looks a bit scary!

First day we didn't do much stuff, shopped a little bit, had mango dessert *this one is really nice and shiok!* and have company dinner that night. My colleague did a really good job arranging all this and also another colleague helped to talk to the restaurant people in Cantonese, she must have gotten us a good deal because there was really A LOT of food that day! After dinner, we went to Ladies Market which is supposedly the famous shopping area. But I don't think the stuff there is that great, and the people who sell stuff there is so rude! One of the women actually scolded my colleague in Cantonese, good thing we don't understand what she was saying!

Second day is supposed to be Disneyland day, so we were there in the morning and we finished most of the stuff within half a day so we decided to go to Lantau island because my colleague wanted to see giant Buddha. We climbed the one zillion stairs up and my legs were wobbly! I thought I was going to tumble down and die!! Once we were on top, the view was really nice :)

We went back to Disneyland after seeing giant Buddha to view their fireworks, it was REALLY nice :)

And last day we went to Google HK office and after that we did some mad rush shopping! This time round we went around Causeway Bay area but the stuff there are just like what we have in Singapore, then we went to Fa Yuan Kai or Flower Street as suggested by another colleague who used to work in HK. This one is really great, lots of stuff to buy but not much time so we had to do our shopping really fast and then ran back to office to catch the shuttle bus to airport!

Below is my photo album, there's 246 photos.. keep going.. hahahha..

Reach Singapore almost midnight and was flying to Sydney the next day.. shall talk about Sydney trip in another post.. :)

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