Friday, October 24, 2008

Nissin Cup Noodle

What's wrong with all these food manufacturers? They should be more careful!!

Link to Yahoo! News

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Week

One of my teammates are away this week so we are one man down this week and we also have a lot of trainings and meetings this week, so I was sooooooo busy! In my previous job, I often have time to check my personal email and talk to my friend online, but this week I hardly have time to breathe! And no time to talk to my friend :(

And there's a culture in this company to have a get-together every week. In Singapore office, we do it every Thursday and call it TGIAF for Thank God It's Almost Friday. I think it's cheesy but nice (I like cheesy stuff!) So this week, a few people and I are supposed to organize it but somehow there are a lot of people who are out-of-office so ended up there were only 2 of us planning for it this week, and that other person has a meeting during TGIAF as well so I was the only one from the organizing committee, so stressful!! But of course I've got help from another colleague who agreed to be MC :)

And TGIAF is over, I'm so relieved!!! Btw, this is why someone spotted me at Old Chang Kee today and thought that I was skiving at work!! Actually I was buying food for TGIAF laaahh.. I'm not the type who skive work you know... ahem ahem..

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and will be a better day and also end of my busy week! I will be flying to Taiwan on Saturday! I wanna buy loooootttsss of stuff!! Taiwan is such a good place to shop :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Serving Other Deck

After we moved to the new office at 8 Shenton Way, whenever I take the lift, the lift will sometimes stop at the level that noone pressed and we'll hear the message "Serving Other Deck"... it was really confusing!

Turned out the lift in the office is double-deck. Never heard of it before? Me neither, but here it is: Apparently, it's designed for efficiency, so there's upper and lower deck. So if someone in the other deck press another floor, it will stop there even if nobody in your deck is going to the floor above or below it (depending on whether you are on upper or below deck).

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Well, actually on Saturday we managed to lock ourselves in the apartment and didn't do much thing, just nuah and eat at home. But Sunday is our home improvement day and we went to buy lots of stuff :)

First we went to Marina Square (ok this is not for home improvement) coz we only ended up buying new clothes for me, but we went to a few furniture shops there like Molecules (expensive!!), and some other shops selling home accessories.

Next destination is Paragon shopping centre because previously I saw nice wrapping paper there that I think can be framed up to decorate the house, but when we reach the shop, the stuff they have left there are quite disappointing. And the parking was 3 bucks plus for the 15 minutes that we were there!! Such a waste of parking money!

Next destination is IKEA Tampines, we spent a loooooong time there because Ikea is just sooooo big and there's just soooooo many things to see! We ended up buying cushions, containers, table lamps, mirrors, shoe rack, etc and we have some ideas to brighten up the house too. Maybe we'll do this after Taiwan trip.

Next destination is Courts (like might as well go there since we are around the area), but that place is quite disappointing for buying furniture. And they don't really have good deals for electronics. Somehow we almost always ended up buying from Harvey Norman instead of Courts.

Lastly, we went to Giant because we wanted to buy 3M hook/hanger, but couldn't find one that can carry the weight that we need and don't look so bulky! Argh why is it so difficult?!? At the end, we ended up buying a no-name brand that claim it can carry 1.5 kg... we'll wait and see..

Anyway, recently my mind has been constantly thinking of ideas of how to make our apt look nicer and cosier but just couldn't think of any.. and also because I'm quite worried that it'll end up making it worse. Jess said she'll introduce her ID to me during her wedding, but I think ID costs a bomb and currently we don't have any budget for house reno! Anyway, we'll just take small steps and do mini weekend projects and maybe hire the ID when we have saved enough :)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Mom's Visit to Singapore

My mom seldom comes to Singapore (seldom considering she lives in Jakarta and it's just 1.5 hours flight), the last time she came here was for my wedding almost 3 years ago. So when she said that she's coming, we are all so excited and we cleaned our house and make sure both apts are very comfortable for her to live in.

My aunt and cousin also came and they wanted to go to Singapore zoo and not just do shopping. So we decided to go to Malacca since it's quite near and they haven't been there before. Anyway, here are some photos taken when they were here.

I feel that the time she spent here was too short! Since she doesn't have to stay in hotel, she can stays here longer like maybe a month! But again, my dad and 3 younger siblings need her too, so I have to share her.. I hate sharing!!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch @ Pratip's

Pratip invited a bunch of us ex-colleagues to his place on Saturday for a get together and he also cooked lunch himself! Well, I didn't actually see him cook the food but it was all uncooked in his kitchen before, and then it came out cooked on the table after that.

The food was good! I didn't expect him to know how to cook like that. One brownie point! And it was really good to see my ex-colleagues after a few months not seeing them. Well, they haven't changed a bit. They are still the nice and easy-going people that I really enjoyed working with, and I still miss them a lot sometimes.

There are some funny pictures that I took when I was there. First picture is of a few of them trying to take close-up picture of a 10-dollar note! Purpose is not to print fake money, because it's easier to use a scanner than a camera if you want to do that. Jess was telling us that the line in the 10-dollar notes is actually made of letters. So she wanted to find what the letters are and she tried to take photo of it.

Next is a few other interested people trying to achieve what she was trying to achieve. Alvin was using his Samsung Omnia, the camera is quite lousy, we only got blur picture of it!

Well, actually the winner is my Canon IXUS 80 because the macro mode can easily take that picture and decipher the word. Akh's Nikon SLR also can but it required a lot of complicated process like taking out the big lense and putting it front-side-back and holding the lense while he's taking picture of it. Hurray to Canon IXUS! :D

So what are the letters? I'm not telling.... try it yourself :D

We also played Wii tennis there and I tell you I suck big time in this game. TTS is totally new in this game and he beat me who has been practising for so many nights at my sister's house! :(

And at last a proper photo of everyone!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

My First Dental Appointment

Wel.. that's as far as I can remember..

In Indonesia, there used to be a school dentist (or perhaps someone paid by the school to come) to check our dental health every 6 months. So when I was in primary school, I never go to dentist at all.

And I don't recall going to dentist in junior and senior high school. So I was quite shocked when my colleagues told me that they go for regular dental check-up with cleaning and polishing every 6 months! I feel so gross hahahhaa.. so as advised, I scheduled a dental appointment at the place that they tested before, both of them said this dentist is good, so that should make the whole going to dentist thing less scary.

So last Friday, I went to the dentist and they brought me to this room with a chair in the middle of the room. The dentist was checking her email when I went it (she uses GMail haha), then first she did some kind of check with 2 long metal thinge.. one that looks like a mirror and another one with a hook in front.. I worked in dental supply company before but I have no idea what those are :D

After "manual" check, the dentist said everything looks good and since I haven't been to any dentist all my life, she asked me to take X-Ray of my mouth. That was really uncomfortable because I have to bite this plastic thing, and the stuff they used on it smelled like detergent (maybe they used it for other people before and used detergent to wash it?? eeewwww...) anyway they took 3 x-ray of my mouth.. not sure why they needed so many..

I tell you this cool thing, the x-ray results immediately show on the monitor that she was using to check her email.. hahah thank God for technology! Ok anyway, the result show that I have no cavities (yay! my mom didn't believe this.. she thinks I seldom brush my teeth... my own mother leh...) but the bottom 2 wisdom tooth are going to somehow someday decay the other 2 teeth that are next to them. The dentist also suggested to take out 2 upper wisdom teeth, which I don't really know why since they don't bother me at all.

I think all my parents, grandparents, etc never have their wisdom tooth taken out. In Indonesia, it's not very common for people to take out their wisdom tooth, only in Singapore. Maybe to get 5 days MC? Hee hee.. :p

Ok, after talking about wisdom tooth extraction (which I have decided not to do), the dentist went to clean my teeth with this super noisy equipment that goes "zzzzznnnnnggg!! zzzznnngggg!!!" and the nurse (or helper or whatever) was putting another tube that's supposed to suck out my saliva.. ewww.. gross... I felt like a horse getting brushed...

After she finished torturing me, she told me to rinse my mouth and when I spitted out the water, it was BLOODY! it was still bloody even after a few rinse and I felt gap in between my two lower middle teeth.. I thought one tooth dropped out! And she said it's because the thing that was there before has been cleaned..

And I thought the torture was already over, but next was polishing.. I dunno what they used to polish my teeth, but it looks like a drill! I think I saw that in my previous previous previous company store room before actually..

And then finally the torture was over...

Rinse again.. more blood... scary.... I thought I have blood all over my face but luckily when I checked the mirror, it was clean :D

Then come the bill.. $438!!! so expensive!! omg.. turned out they charged me 75 bucks for each of the plastic thing that I have to bite.. I think those were sold to them for less than 10 bucks loh... anyway, my company insurance will pay for that.. but I think I will wait a long time before going for this cleaning again.. it definitely don't feel as comfortable as a facial!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Home improvement this weekend

We always try to make our apartment looks nicer and cozier and this weekend project was to paint an ugly bedside table (wooden color) to white color. It wasn't that successful but it still look nicer than before.



And since we have 2 of them, we can put them in the guest room and have 2 bedside tables there, and we also went to IKEA to buy 2 more bedside lamps. Check out final result :)

Notice that we also bought a red dustbin.. HAHAH.. :D

And while at Ikea, we also bought some more red stuff to decorate the house, like this round thinge, we put 1 on the dining table and 1 below the phone.

Ok and the big project for the weekend was the oil painting. When we went for honeymoon in Aussie 2.5 years ago, my cousin brought us to a place where they sold lots of oil painting. They look really nice and not hard to do at all, but they cost a few hundred bucks each. Besides, it's difficult to bring a canvass painting from Aussie! So at that moment, we decided to do it ourselves. So now 2.5 years later.. haha.. procrastinator at work, finally did it!

Do you think it looks very childish? kindergarten like? It was harder than I imagined it would be.. haha.. so at the end I drew lots of circles! So after hanging them at the dining room, this is how our dining room looks like now.

I think the painting is a bit too small for the room but my hubby thinks it's just the right size.. I dunno.. for now dun care first.. next time then see how it goes.. :D

Oh, and another project was to buy me a GPS! Now sotong can drive around Singapore without getting lost oredi :D

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