Thursday, October 23, 2008

Busy Week

One of my teammates are away this week so we are one man down this week and we also have a lot of trainings and meetings this week, so I was sooooooo busy! In my previous job, I often have time to check my personal email and talk to my friend online, but this week I hardly have time to breathe! And no time to talk to my friend :(

And there's a culture in this company to have a get-together every week. In Singapore office, we do it every Thursday and call it TGIAF for Thank God It's Almost Friday. I think it's cheesy but nice (I like cheesy stuff!) So this week, a few people and I are supposed to organize it but somehow there are a lot of people who are out-of-office so ended up there were only 2 of us planning for it this week, and that other person has a meeting during TGIAF as well so I was the only one from the organizing committee, so stressful!! But of course I've got help from another colleague who agreed to be MC :)

And TGIAF is over, I'm so relieved!!! Btw, this is why someone spotted me at Old Chang Kee today and thought that I was skiving at work!! Actually I was buying food for TGIAF laaahh.. I'm not the type who skive work you know... ahem ahem..

Anyway, tomorrow is Friday and will be a better day and also end of my busy week! I will be flying to Taiwan on Saturday! I wanna buy loooootttsss of stuff!! Taiwan is such a good place to shop :D

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