Sunday, October 19, 2008

Eventful Weekend

Well, actually on Saturday we managed to lock ourselves in the apartment and didn't do much thing, just nuah and eat at home. But Sunday is our home improvement day and we went to buy lots of stuff :)

First we went to Marina Square (ok this is not for home improvement) coz we only ended up buying new clothes for me, but we went to a few furniture shops there like Molecules (expensive!!), and some other shops selling home accessories.

Next destination is Paragon shopping centre because previously I saw nice wrapping paper there that I think can be framed up to decorate the house, but when we reach the shop, the stuff they have left there are quite disappointing. And the parking was 3 bucks plus for the 15 minutes that we were there!! Such a waste of parking money!

Next destination is IKEA Tampines, we spent a loooooong time there because Ikea is just sooooo big and there's just soooooo many things to see! We ended up buying cushions, containers, table lamps, mirrors, shoe rack, etc and we have some ideas to brighten up the house too. Maybe we'll do this after Taiwan trip.

Next destination is Courts (like might as well go there since we are around the area), but that place is quite disappointing for buying furniture. And they don't really have good deals for electronics. Somehow we almost always ended up buying from Harvey Norman instead of Courts.

Lastly, we went to Giant because we wanted to buy 3M hook/hanger, but couldn't find one that can carry the weight that we need and don't look so bulky! Argh why is it so difficult?!? At the end, we ended up buying a no-name brand that claim it can carry 1.5 kg... we'll wait and see..

Anyway, recently my mind has been constantly thinking of ideas of how to make our apt look nicer and cosier but just couldn't think of any.. and also because I'm quite worried that it'll end up making it worse. Jess said she'll introduce her ID to me during her wedding, but I think ID costs a bomb and currently we don't have any budget for house reno! Anyway, we'll just take small steps and do mini weekend projects and maybe hire the ID when we have saved enough :)

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