Monday, October 6, 2008

Home improvement this weekend

We always try to make our apartment looks nicer and cozier and this weekend project was to paint an ugly bedside table (wooden color) to white color. It wasn't that successful but it still look nicer than before.



And since we have 2 of them, we can put them in the guest room and have 2 bedside tables there, and we also went to IKEA to buy 2 more bedside lamps. Check out final result :)

Notice that we also bought a red dustbin.. HAHAH.. :D

And while at Ikea, we also bought some more red stuff to decorate the house, like this round thinge, we put 1 on the dining table and 1 below the phone.

Ok and the big project for the weekend was the oil painting. When we went for honeymoon in Aussie 2.5 years ago, my cousin brought us to a place where they sold lots of oil painting. They look really nice and not hard to do at all, but they cost a few hundred bucks each. Besides, it's difficult to bring a canvass painting from Aussie! So at that moment, we decided to do it ourselves. So now 2.5 years later.. haha.. procrastinator at work, finally did it!

Do you think it looks very childish? kindergarten like? It was harder than I imagined it would be.. haha.. so at the end I drew lots of circles! So after hanging them at the dining room, this is how our dining room looks like now.

I think the painting is a bit too small for the room but my hubby thinks it's just the right size.. I dunno.. for now dun care first.. next time then see how it goes.. :D

Oh, and another project was to buy me a GPS! Now sotong can drive around Singapore without getting lost oredi :D

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