Monday, October 13, 2008

Lunch @ Pratip's

Pratip invited a bunch of us ex-colleagues to his place on Saturday for a get together and he also cooked lunch himself! Well, I didn't actually see him cook the food but it was all uncooked in his kitchen before, and then it came out cooked on the table after that.

The food was good! I didn't expect him to know how to cook like that. One brownie point! And it was really good to see my ex-colleagues after a few months not seeing them. Well, they haven't changed a bit. They are still the nice and easy-going people that I really enjoyed working with, and I still miss them a lot sometimes.

There are some funny pictures that I took when I was there. First picture is of a few of them trying to take close-up picture of a 10-dollar note! Purpose is not to print fake money, because it's easier to use a scanner than a camera if you want to do that. Jess was telling us that the line in the 10-dollar notes is actually made of letters. So she wanted to find what the letters are and she tried to take photo of it.

Next is a few other interested people trying to achieve what she was trying to achieve. Alvin was using his Samsung Omnia, the camera is quite lousy, we only got blur picture of it!

Well, actually the winner is my Canon IXUS 80 because the macro mode can easily take that picture and decipher the word. Akh's Nikon SLR also can but it required a lot of complicated process like taking out the big lense and putting it front-side-back and holding the lense while he's taking picture of it. Hurray to Canon IXUS! :D

So what are the letters? I'm not telling.... try it yourself :D

We also played Wii tennis there and I tell you I suck big time in this game. TTS is totally new in this game and he beat me who has been practising for so many nights at my sister's house! :(

And at last a proper photo of everyone!

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