Sunday, November 30, 2008

My First AdSense Cheque


I finally get paid by Google AdSense for displaying ads on my websites. I think I first joined this program in July 2007.. that's more than a year ago! But since I only get paid when visitors click on the ad and I don't have that many readers, it takes a really long time to accumulate it. Oh, Google only issue the cheque when the earnings reach USD 100, so my first cheque from Google AdSense is about SGD 150.. not bad lah, for updating my own website and talking crap, people actually find the ads on my website relevant and click on them.. hehehe..

Ok, going to bank-in the cheque now! :D

Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Updates This Week

Re-entry permit
I finally renewed my re-entry permit! I went there on Wednesday and the queue was soooooooooo long!! So I decided to go again on Thursday but earlier, maybe before ICA opens. So on Thursday I went again, the queue was like.... u know the snake in the old type of mobile phones? The queue is like when the snake is almost fill up the whole screen! But this time the screen is the size of a PDA phone screen!

But I don't want to go back another day!! So I decided to queue up and suddenly one of the officer is saying "No more quota for PR application" then lots of people start leaving the queue! I thought "Yeah!! Yippiee!!" but I decided to check again in case what he meant is not serving all PR for today. So I went to ask him how about if I want to renew my re-entry permit. Then he said "Ok, follow me!"

So we followed him to the top of the queue (yay!) where he checked our documents and then just gave us a queue number. There was only 1 person in front of me!! Yeah yeah this is the correct way to treat PRs!!! Don't make them queue so long like a snake body!!

Ok so at the end I got all settled pretty fast then went to work! Mission accomplished!

Diet Competition
We've both been working very hard to achieve our goals, eating healthier food and also exercising more. We are quite on par right now. I've lost about 2kg+ and my hubby has lost about 3kg+, and today we decided to give each other a break by eating the same fattening food. Hotdogs from Superdog at Downtown East Pasir Ris :D

No slacking after eating so much, we're going to play badminton tomorrow morning at 8 AM!! Hopefully I can wake up...

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Another reason to go on a diet

Other than these 2 reasons of dieting:
  1. Money reason - have to pay for a trip to Korea for 2 persons if I lose diet competition to my hubby
  2. Vanity reason - to fit into more chio clothes

Now I have a more valid reason to go on a diet!! According to Yahoo! News, people who are fatter around the waist increase their risk of premature death. Check out this article. I wonder how they know whether death is premature or not..

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jess Wedding Gatecrashing

Just to share with everyone what sabo we did to Jess' hubby and his brothers.

Round 1: The traditional "sour sweet bitter spicy" treat
For sour we prepared freshly squeezed lemon (oh! the photographer helped to squeeze the lemon also! He's quite on in sabo-ing loh!!), to make the suffering longer we prepared bread so that they can slowly dip the bread into the lemon. But one of the brother was actually game enough to drink the whole cup of lemon juice.. ewwww sour!

Sweet.. this one is really good.. as we didn't really prepare much sweet stuff, I took out the Jellyhearts that I bought for Jess (see, the brothers didnt suffer that much actually!) and put some sugar on top of it. The brothers were eyeing it suspiciously but TTS just took one and told them that it tasted good! Of course lah, Jellyhearts leh, have to order 2 weeks in advance you know!

Bitter.. the famous bitter gourd! What else?

Spicy.. woohoo this one is super shiok.. wasabi on banana! I copied this idea from my jiemei during my wedding lah coz otherwise how to put the wasabi? In a straw? Hmm.. that's a new idea.. :D

Round 2: Eat banana from a bamboo pole
We tied a banana (not peeled) to a bamboo pole and stick out the pole from the top of the gate, so they have to figure out how to eat the banana without using their hands! Weird thing is they eat the banana with the skin... at the end we didn't make them eat the whole banana coz it doesn't seem that fun anymore.. besides, the ang pow was good! HAHAHA

Round 3: Climb for love - Between the gate and the main door
We stick this piece of paper with a big heart drawn on it at the top of a high wall in Jess house. His brothers have to push him up so that he can use his mouth to take the paper.. this one looks quite easy.. we should have thought of something harder!

Round 4: No hair no hair...
Basically we just want to TORTURE TTS and his brothers lah, this game simply has no meaning whatsoever. We all know that guys are very scared of pain, so we asked them to WAX their hair. I wanted them to wax leg hair because of course there's more hair on their legs right? But it was sooooo chaotic nobody could hear me. At the end, the boys were having fun with the wax and waxing their arms. They look like as if it's really shiok loh! Like not torturing at all.. or maybe they are those psycho type who likes pain!!

Round 5: I LOVE YOU paper panties
We wrote letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U on paper panties and made TTS and the brothers wear them! The idea is they have to figure out what sentence they can make using this panties. Funny part is because the panties are of size M (woman) and some of the guys are quite big size. One of them actually tore it when he was trying to wear it. Ok, so they were happily wearing the disposable panties and they thought they got it right, so they were posing, jumping around, and taking photos!

What they spelt was actually I L-O-V-E O-Y-U...

8 adults dunno how to spell!

But that was quickly fixed and the game resumes.. more ang pao coming.. yoohoo!

Round 6: I Love You in 9 languages
We finally let them in the house but not to the room! Jess' cousin was waiting with her in her room and listening to us from inside. What TTS has to say to Jess is quite simple, just say I Love You in 9 languages, dialects allowed. He did pretty well until about 7 languages, and then one of his friends said "Try Bahasa Indonesia.. Bapa Saya Ibu".. HUH?? My father is mother? He claimed that is Bahasa Indonesia from Surabaya.. hahaha good try! WRONG! Try again.. this time round TTS got a little help from cameraman! He helped come out with the French version..

Round 7: Where's the right one?
Ok so finally we let TTS meet his bride, but there's one problem. She doesn't have her right shoe so she can't leave the house. So TTS gave us one more ang pao to tell him the location of the shoes, and one of his bro actually retrieved it from the toilet hahah.. Funny part is when Jess' mom came in to the room looking worried "Huh? The shoes is missing? Who take the shoes?" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.. super comical loh!

Ok, that's the end of our sabo. I think I didn't miss out anything.. can't wait to see the photos :D

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jess Bridesmaid Dinner & Wedding Lunch Banquet

Jess is finally doing her customary wedding! And I'm so excited for her, or maybe for her husband lah. I've been helping him nag at her to do her montage and also sometimes give her tips of what to do and what to prepare, but her hubby is one type of groomzilla!

So Sunday morning, we are all gathered at Jessie's mom's kitchen preparing sumptuous breakfast for his hubby and the 7 brothers. We made white bread dip in lemon juice, cake with sugar, bitter gourd, banana with wasabi. We also made them eat banana from a bamboo pole.. hehehe.. but I think the most hillarious part is the part where they have to wear disposable panties and make a sentence, they dunno how to spell!! Some more still happily dancing with the disposable panty. One of the brother actually managed to tear it while wearing it... *faint*

The lunch banquet itself was really nice too.. I think I always have this feeling about wedding.. a public declaration of 2 persons' love, always make myself feel very emotional! Jess husband sang a (very long) song.. hahaha.. I know Jess was trying hard not to laugh ho ho ho.. but it's quite nice lah, the guy did very well!

But I forgot to take photo with Jess using my camera so now I have to wait for the photographer's photos!! So I put there their portrait, the wedding favor, and my bridesmaid wrist corsage :p

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gmail Theme!

Yay! Now I can skin my Gmail inbox!! They have many nice themes (cartoon type hehehe) and you can even design your own theme.

Check out the official launch blog post in the Gmail blog.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beyonce's If I Were A Boy

If you haven't heard this song before, you should go buy the CD or try to search for it somewhere (do I have to teach you how?)! Anyway, this song is totally awesome!!!

It highlights the difference society views guys and girls. Things that look perfectly normal when done by guys look so bad when a girl is doing it. The clip is really great too! Check out this YouTube link (sorry embed disabled by the poster of the video)

My fav part of the clip is the part where Beyonce said to the guy "Why are you so jealous? It's not like I'm sleeping with the guy" WHOAAAA... I think that really hits the spot for many guys man!!

And the next frame, they switched the role and the guy was telling Beyonce "Why are you so jealous? It's not like I'm sleeping with the girl" .. this is like the most common answer given to girlfriend when guys are caught flirting loh! Like as if flirting is ok as long as not doing that thing!

Disclaimer: I'm not supporting this clip because of any personal experience, just feel empathy to some girls out there :p

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Taipei Trip Scrapbook

I decided to make one scrapbook (is this considered scrapbook btw?) that has my hubby inside, so I picked a few photos from our Taipei trip. The lady in the middle photo is my mom-in-law.

Our trip to Kawah Putih, Bandung, Indonesia

I noticed that wedding albums in Indonesia are so much nicer than those in Singapore, even those that are displayed at the bridal studio! Reason is because Indonesia has a lot of place where you can take nice outdoor photos. For example this place that we went in December 2006 (I know it's like ages ago!). My cousin took her wedding photo there, and the result is soooo good! It looks as if she went to another country where there's snow!

Anyway, so we went there again because the place is now famous after being used to shoot one of the Indonesian movie. Btw, it was really cold there!

This exercise of making scrapbook is really good for my forgetful brain. Looking at photos, I'm reminded of things that happen in the fast. I really should continue doing this in case I really lost all my memories next time *touch wood*!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Blk A Girls (+1 intruder) Gathering

I'm really addicted to Photoshop now!! Ok, the first photo is from our gathering in September. They gave me my birthday present that day too :) Actually Siaw Ching and Yijun were there too but somehow we didn't take group photo with them. Must remember to take more photo next time!

And the next photo is from our gathering in October, same set of people but different place and for Rachel's birthday. We took a lot of black and white photos, I think they look quite artistic haha :)

This time round we remember to take group photo with Siaw Ching but forgot to take it with Yijun! That's why I cropped his photo and put it together with us :D

Second Attempt in Scrapbooking

Second sets of photos to be "vandalized" are from Ailing's graduation! I just can't resist making more of this stuff!! In the background, my hubby is nagging at me to quickly take a shower so that we can go out! hahahaha.. ok.. soon after I post this one up!

First Digital Scrapbooking Attempt

I ordered a few new Photoshop brushes last night and couldn't wait to experiment on it, so I was thinking instead of making banners or designs for websites, I might as well do something more personal like decorating my own collection of digital photos.

Yesterday I was doing some for Jess' wedding but that shouldn't be displayed since she hasn't decided which one she wants to use, and things on weddings are supposed to kept a surprise! Sooooo excited about her wedding! hahaha she calls me bridezilla when she's the one who's the bride!

Anyway, this is my first work, the photo used is from Ailing's birthday lunch in April. Let me know what you think of this. :)

Monday, November 10, 2008

Lose Weight While Watching TV

I was feeling really lame and I did a lame search on Google "lose weight while watching tv", I was expecting to get a result for those slimming pills, etc. To my surprise, there are other lame people who give tips on how to lose weight while watching TV! hahahahaha...

Basically the idea is to do exercise while the TV is on, like jog on the spot, doing crunches (I bet that person was not watching CSI!), play music and dance along with it (halo! how to play music and watch tv at the same time!), etc.

This is one of the links:

The only thing that I have done before is using hula hoop during commercial breaks and I don't know if that works, but that really creates lot of sweats!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Blogger Reaction

If you ever wonder what your friends or readers think about your blog post, now you can have an easier way to find out. Blogger just launched a new feature called "Reaction" and I just added that to my blog.

And yes I'm curious! So please tell me what you think about my blog posts! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taiwan Trip Oct 2008

We went to Taiwan during the Deepavali holiday week, and we ate so much and shopped so much over there! We also walked a lot until my legs were aching! I put 8 koyos when I reached Singapore!

First day when we reach Taiwan, it was quite late so we just have a light meal and then went to nearby place at Danshui MRT (they call it Metro there). Ok I should mention that my mission there is to shop and hubby's mission is to eat, and I think we managed to accomplished both missions! :D

I bought 14 tops! And this is proof of him accomplishing his mission...

And then the next day we went to visit hubby's grandma at Keelung, also quite far from Taipei city, gotta take train to go there. The grandma is really old, need to sit in wheelchair one, and can't really move around that much.

Next day, we went to see hubby's grandpa, he's much older than the grandma but he's much fitter. I think he's like 90+ but he still can go out by himself to buy food and lottery. His hobby is actually lottery! He buys lots of them and he buys it almost everyday! I guess it's just his way to keep his mind awake :)

At night, we meet up with Jielun and his sister. They treated us to a really nice dinner, barbecue and hot pot buffet! Too bad we were too busy eating and didn't take any photos together!! We really admire 2 of them for their entrepreneurship, at such a young age they are like the boss of this chain company that sells boutique chocolate in Taiwan. Good job! :)

This time round, we didn't just go to Taipei but we also went to other cities like Yi Lan and Jiao Shi, but these 2 places are not so happening.. kinda backwards and boring.. I especially hated Jiao Shi because hubby made me go to the fish spa place.. sooooo creepy!!!

I also took pics of the road signs there too... some of the English translations are quite funny.. :D

Other than that, we didn't really take much photos because this is not our first trip to Taipei anyway so there isn't much new stuff. My crazy husband bought a lot of brown rice drinks! They call it mi jiang (I don't know the exact spelling) but it sounds like that, and the weight for that drink alone is 7 kg!!! Our luggages were nearly overweight but we managed to shift some stuff to our handcarry.. I really don't see the logic here.. isn't it just like upper deck and lower deck.. what's the fuss is all about! :(

Anyway, shall go Taipei again when the weather is better.. like spring.. because currently most of the clothes they are selling are winter wear.. which is good in a way because all the summer clothes are on sale, but there wasn't much choice!

During this trip, my hubby couldn't buy much clothes so he got fed up with his figure.. (HAHAAHHAHAHAHHAA.. oops) and then he decided to go on diet to lose weight, so we came up with this idea to go on competition to lose weight. Since he's bigger than me, to be fair he has to lose more weight than me, so we decided that he has to lose 15 kg and I have to lose 10 kg. Whoever do it the fastest is the winner, and the loser has to pay for trip for 2 persons to Korea. YAY! I'm going to KOREA! I'm so sure I will win!! hahahahhaha.. or maybe both of us won't achieve that goal ever.. that's also quite likely :D

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