Monday, November 24, 2008

Jess Bridesmaid Dinner & Wedding Lunch Banquet

Jess is finally doing her customary wedding! And I'm so excited for her, or maybe for her husband lah. I've been helping him nag at her to do her montage and also sometimes give her tips of what to do and what to prepare, but her hubby is one type of groomzilla!

So Sunday morning, we are all gathered at Jessie's mom's kitchen preparing sumptuous breakfast for his hubby and the 7 brothers. We made white bread dip in lemon juice, cake with sugar, bitter gourd, banana with wasabi. We also made them eat banana from a bamboo pole.. hehehe.. but I think the most hillarious part is the part where they have to wear disposable panties and make a sentence, they dunno how to spell!! Some more still happily dancing with the disposable panty. One of the brother actually managed to tear it while wearing it... *faint*

The lunch banquet itself was really nice too.. I think I always have this feeling about wedding.. a public declaration of 2 persons' love, always make myself feel very emotional! Jess husband sang a (very long) song.. hahaha.. I know Jess was trying hard not to laugh ho ho ho.. but it's quite nice lah, the guy did very well!

But I forgot to take photo with Jess using my camera so now I have to wait for the photographer's photos!! So I put there their portrait, the wedding favor, and my bridesmaid wrist corsage :p

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