Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Jess Wedding Gatecrashing

Just to share with everyone what sabo we did to Jess' hubby and his brothers.

Round 1: The traditional "sour sweet bitter spicy" treat
For sour we prepared freshly squeezed lemon (oh! the photographer helped to squeeze the lemon also! He's quite on in sabo-ing loh!!), to make the suffering longer we prepared bread so that they can slowly dip the bread into the lemon. But one of the brother was actually game enough to drink the whole cup of lemon juice.. ewwww sour!

Sweet.. this one is really good.. as we didn't really prepare much sweet stuff, I took out the Jellyhearts that I bought for Jess (see, the brothers didnt suffer that much actually!) and put some sugar on top of it. The brothers were eyeing it suspiciously but TTS just took one and told them that it tasted good! Of course lah, Jellyhearts leh, have to order 2 weeks in advance you know!

Bitter.. the famous bitter gourd! What else?

Spicy.. woohoo this one is super shiok.. wasabi on banana! I copied this idea from my jiemei during my wedding lah coz otherwise how to put the wasabi? In a straw? Hmm.. that's a new idea.. :D

Round 2: Eat banana from a bamboo pole
We tied a banana (not peeled) to a bamboo pole and stick out the pole from the top of the gate, so they have to figure out how to eat the banana without using their hands! Weird thing is they eat the banana with the skin... at the end we didn't make them eat the whole banana coz it doesn't seem that fun anymore.. besides, the ang pow was good! HAHAHA

Round 3: Climb for love - Between the gate and the main door
We stick this piece of paper with a big heart drawn on it at the top of a high wall in Jess house. His brothers have to push him up so that he can use his mouth to take the paper.. this one looks quite easy.. we should have thought of something harder!

Round 4: No hair no hair...
Basically we just want to TORTURE TTS and his brothers lah, this game simply has no meaning whatsoever. We all know that guys are very scared of pain, so we asked them to WAX their hair. I wanted them to wax leg hair because of course there's more hair on their legs right? But it was sooooo chaotic nobody could hear me. At the end, the boys were having fun with the wax and waxing their arms. They look like as if it's really shiok loh! Like not torturing at all.. or maybe they are those psycho type who likes pain!!

Round 5: I LOVE YOU paper panties
We wrote letters I-L-O-V-E-Y-O-U on paper panties and made TTS and the brothers wear them! The idea is they have to figure out what sentence they can make using this panties. Funny part is because the panties are of size M (woman) and some of the guys are quite big size. One of them actually tore it when he was trying to wear it. Ok, so they were happily wearing the disposable panties and they thought they got it right, so they were posing, jumping around, and taking photos!

What they spelt was actually I L-O-V-E O-Y-U...

8 adults dunno how to spell!

But that was quickly fixed and the game resumes.. more ang pao coming.. yoohoo!

Round 6: I Love You in 9 languages
We finally let them in the house but not to the room! Jess' cousin was waiting with her in her room and listening to us from inside. What TTS has to say to Jess is quite simple, just say I Love You in 9 languages, dialects allowed. He did pretty well until about 7 languages, and then one of his friends said "Try Bahasa Indonesia.. Bapa Saya Ibu".. HUH?? My father is mother? He claimed that is Bahasa Indonesia from Surabaya.. hahaha good try! WRONG! Try again.. this time round TTS got a little help from cameraman! He helped come out with the French version..

Round 7: Where's the right one?
Ok so finally we let TTS meet his bride, but there's one problem. She doesn't have her right shoe so she can't leave the house. So TTS gave us one more ang pao to tell him the location of the shoes, and one of his bro actually retrieved it from the toilet hahah.. Funny part is when Jess' mom came in to the room looking worried "Huh? The shoes is missing? Who take the shoes?" HAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA.. super comical loh!

Ok, that's the end of our sabo. I think I didn't miss out anything.. can't wait to see the photos :D

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