Friday, November 28, 2008

Random Updates This Week

Re-entry permit
I finally renewed my re-entry permit! I went there on Wednesday and the queue was soooooooooo long!! So I decided to go again on Thursday but earlier, maybe before ICA opens. So on Thursday I went again, the queue was like.... u know the snake in the old type of mobile phones? The queue is like when the snake is almost fill up the whole screen! But this time the screen is the size of a PDA phone screen!

But I don't want to go back another day!! So I decided to queue up and suddenly one of the officer is saying "No more quota for PR application" then lots of people start leaving the queue! I thought "Yeah!! Yippiee!!" but I decided to check again in case what he meant is not serving all PR for today. So I went to ask him how about if I want to renew my re-entry permit. Then he said "Ok, follow me!"

So we followed him to the top of the queue (yay!) where he checked our documents and then just gave us a queue number. There was only 1 person in front of me!! Yeah yeah this is the correct way to treat PRs!!! Don't make them queue so long like a snake body!!

Ok so at the end I got all settled pretty fast then went to work! Mission accomplished!

Diet Competition
We've both been working very hard to achieve our goals, eating healthier food and also exercising more. We are quite on par right now. I've lost about 2kg+ and my hubby has lost about 3kg+, and today we decided to give each other a break by eating the same fattening food. Hotdogs from Superdog at Downtown East Pasir Ris :D

No slacking after eating so much, we're going to play badminton tomorrow morning at 8 AM!! Hopefully I can wake up...

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