Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Taiwan Trip Oct 2008

We went to Taiwan during the Deepavali holiday week, and we ate so much and shopped so much over there! We also walked a lot until my legs were aching! I put 8 koyos when I reached Singapore!

First day when we reach Taiwan, it was quite late so we just have a light meal and then went to nearby place at Danshui MRT (they call it Metro there). Ok I should mention that my mission there is to shop and hubby's mission is to eat, and I think we managed to accomplished both missions! :D

I bought 14 tops! And this is proof of him accomplishing his mission...

And then the next day we went to visit hubby's grandma at Keelung, also quite far from Taipei city, gotta take train to go there. The grandma is really old, need to sit in wheelchair one, and can't really move around that much.

Next day, we went to see hubby's grandpa, he's much older than the grandma but he's much fitter. I think he's like 90+ but he still can go out by himself to buy food and lottery. His hobby is actually lottery! He buys lots of them and he buys it almost everyday! I guess it's just his way to keep his mind awake :)

At night, we meet up with Jielun and his sister. They treated us to a really nice dinner, barbecue and hot pot buffet! Too bad we were too busy eating and didn't take any photos together!! We really admire 2 of them for their entrepreneurship, at such a young age they are like the boss of this chain company that sells boutique chocolate in Taiwan. Good job! :)

This time round, we didn't just go to Taipei but we also went to other cities like Yi Lan and Jiao Shi, but these 2 places are not so happening.. kinda backwards and boring.. I especially hated Jiao Shi because hubby made me go to the fish spa place.. sooooo creepy!!!

I also took pics of the road signs there too... some of the English translations are quite funny.. :D

Other than that, we didn't really take much photos because this is not our first trip to Taipei anyway so there isn't much new stuff. My crazy husband bought a lot of brown rice drinks! They call it mi jiang (I don't know the exact spelling) but it sounds like that, and the weight for that drink alone is 7 kg!!! Our luggages were nearly overweight but we managed to shift some stuff to our handcarry.. I really don't see the logic here.. isn't it just like upper deck and lower deck.. what's the fuss is all about! :(

Anyway, shall go Taipei again when the weather is better.. like spring.. because currently most of the clothes they are selling are winter wear.. which is good in a way because all the summer clothes are on sale, but there wasn't much choice!

During this trip, my hubby couldn't buy much clothes so he got fed up with his figure.. (HAHAAHHAHAHAHHAA.. oops) and then he decided to go on diet to lose weight, so we came up with this idea to go on competition to lose weight. Since he's bigger than me, to be fair he has to lose more weight than me, so we decided that he has to lose 15 kg and I have to lose 10 kg. Whoever do it the fastest is the winner, and the loser has to pay for trip for 2 persons to Korea. YAY! I'm going to KOREA! I'm so sure I will win!! hahahahhaha.. or maybe both of us won't achieve that goal ever.. that's also quite likely :D

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