Monday, December 15, 2008

Origins of Christmas and Birthdays

Now is December and very near to holiday season. Roads in Singapore are decorated with lights and Christmas ornaments. I'm sure a lot of people in Singapore are not Christians. Most of my friends here are free-thinker (something like the believe that God exists and He creates the world etc, but they don't really have a religion), but Christmas now is more like a commercialised religious holiday.

And why do people celebrate Christmas anyway? I guess because it's holiday seasons, presents, etc.. but for Christians, shouldn't it have better purpose than that? And is celebrating Christmas actually according to Bible or not?

Here is origin of Christmas according to some research:

If your birthday is in October or November, will you want people all over the world celebrate it in December? Perhaps not...

And I don't recall seeing any verse in the Bible telling human to celebrate Jesus' birthdays as well. I'm sure church leaders know about all these facts, but I don't know why they are still encouraging their followers to celebrate these not so biblical festivities.

Why do people celebrate their birthdays? According to this wiki page, birthday celebrations originated from pagan and astrology practices:

Sounds like a good reason to not celebrate birthdays anymore!

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