Friday, January 30, 2009

Personalizing our home...

We've been trying to make our home more comfy and also more personalized. Previously, it felt like just another house because we didn't even hang our photos in the house! So finally we hung up our wedding picture, and framed a few smaller ones.

This Forever Friend photo frame was given by Jess and Akh last September and I only used it now.. hehehe... and I bought the below photo frame soon after I graduated from Uni about 5 years ago. Yeah! I'm the winner in procrastinating competition!!

I'm having a competition with my hubby on who can fill up the piggy bank faster. His is the brown one and his coin level is at the bear's tummy. Mine is the orange one and the coin level is still at the ankle! But I put a 10 dollar note the other day (courtesy of my hubby's wallet when he wasn't looking) and now it got stuck at the neck level! So I win for now :D

We also bought another LCD TV for the study cum entertainment room, it's very shiok to play Wii in that room now. We also tidied up the lambs that I bought from NZ (10 of them), previously it was scattered on the sofa doing all sorts of weird poses, and my hubby put them all on top of the TV (the old one).

Ok, the lambs are now scattered all over the place again because we can't put them on top of the TV now, so gotta tidy up the room again. Arggghh, this is becoming like a never ending task!

We also bought a few more bigger photo frames to hang up but we can't find a place that do good quality large photo printing. We found 1 shop at Bras Basah but not convinced with the quality of his printing because his own sample is already showing discoloration!

So guys, if you have any good recommendation for printing large digital photos, let me know~

After-post note: I searched the web and some people recommended Peace Center and Sunshine Plaza. We went to Peace Center and printed the big photo (50 x 70 cm) and it only cost $20! The last time we checked at Bras Basah Fujifilm shop, they were quoting us $15 for the smaller ones (about 10R), so I guess we'll be going back to Peace Center more often then :)

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Exploring Singapore - Sentosa Cove

We went to visit our future house over the weekend and the place looks really nice.. :D

Some of my favorite photos here...

Enjoy the rest of the photos here in my Picasa album :)

CNY Batam Trip at Pura Jaya Resort

My hubby has always wanted to bring his parents for holiday so when CNY holiday is here, he thought of bringing them to Batam (near and cheap!). We left home in the morning and went to Tanah Merah ferry terminal to take the ferry, we took Batam Fast. We reached Batam about 12 PM Batam time (which is 1 hour earlier than Singapore) and there was transport provided from the Nongsapura terminal to the hotel. We bought some Indonesian snack at their so-called duty-free.

My hubby chose this resort called "Pura Jaya", I think the place is quite ok but the details are not very good, maybe because it's kinda old.

We spent afternoon walking around the resort area and also to get our massage. The massage was sooooooo painful!! I have bruise on my leg after that :(

The hotel pool looks quite nice, but the beach is kinda depressing...

At night is CNY reunion dinner and we booked a table at the hotel too. BIG MISTAKE!! The food was lousy and the price is not cheap! $25 per person! Well, it's cheap for Singapore standard but it's in Batam and the food was not nice at all.

The next day, we woke up not very early and had breakfast in the hotel. Again, the food was not nice! After breakfast, we showered and checked out of the hotel, and went to Megamall at Batam Center. The shopping center is better that the previous one that we went. My hubby and his parents spent almost an hour in the Polo shop!!! After that, we didn't have time to go to other shops, only lunch!

Then journey back to Singapore, the ferry was super full! We could only get seats on the lower deck. Sitting there feels like as if I was in a submarine. I could see that the seawater level is around my shoulder and then when the ferry started moving, the water splashed even higher! *dont look outside.... dont look outside....* so I decided to do Sudoku instead hahaha... I didn't realize that my mother-in-law was holding on super very tightly to the seat! :D

Turned out, my father-in-law was planning escape route and my hubby was thinking that if there's anything happen, then we just die. He's just plain lazy.. he wanted to die in a ferry! OMG!

That's all about Batam trip.. not that interesting and I definitely won't recommend this place if you are visiting Batam. The rest of the photos are in Picasa.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cai Hong by Jay Chou

I've been playing this song on Repeat Mode in my car.. hahaha.. until my hubby can't stand it.. well, my in-laws didn't say anything though.. It's really nice... If only I can have Jay Chou sing for me everyday... *_*

Friday, January 23, 2009

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Trip to Jakarta Dec 2008

I know it's a bit overdue but I think this is one of the quite big event in my life.. I mean how often do I go back and see my family! Anyway I left home earlier because I wanted to see my grandma, so I asked my boss for permission to work from home for 3 days there, and he's cool with it :)

My grandma looks really fresh when I was there. She complains about back pain now and then but overall she really looks ok. Maybe she's just not complaining enough or maybe she's used to the pain already.. I dunno.. I'm just glad that I can spend time with her this time.

And my parents are ok too, and my siblings are all still crazy.. don't believe? Just look at the photos.. a lot of the photos look really weird because they were acting really weird - and some are because my bro was testing my camera. Good camera lah, dun need to test already! This is one of the photo why I said they are a bit crazy..

I mean which guy in the right mind will take this kinda photo!! HAHAHAHAHA.. stupid brother! I can't really remember exactly what we did each day (memory problem) but these are the things that we did:

  • Visit ama

  • Went to Mangga Dua mall a few times to buy Wii and fix it and change it!

  • Went to Pluit Village (used to be Megamall) and they had blackout while we were there!! My first encounter with blackout in a mall, so scary!

  • Had BBQ at home on New Year's Eve

  • Went to Puncak (mountain area in Indo) on new year's day

Enjoy the rest of the photos...

What's wrong with 2009!!

I don't like how 2009 started... First, me, of all people, am usually strong like a horse. I didn't take a single day of sick leave in my previous job and now here I am, January, utilizing more sick leave than I ever use in 1 month than I usually use in 1 year!

I have a few friends who have not-so-nice encounters too this year..

And this morning as I tried to be more positive, my slippers suddenly decided to turn his (I think it's male) on me! It just broke! And I still had to walk about 20-30 meters to the traffic light to cross the road, walk up the stairs to my office building, etc. Traitor slippers!! I tried persuading it to be back to my side, but it's really hard dragging that slipper to walk on a hard cement road, so I decided to just walk one feet barefooted, rather than stopping the traffic with my super slow-motion walking.

I'm soooooooo going shopping later!

Points of reminders for me to remain positive:

  • Bro coming to Singapore to work end of this month

  • It was my slippers that broke, not my ankles

  • I have valid reason to go shopping now

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conclusion of 2008

Finally I have the time to update my almost rusty blog! Well, it's because I'm sick and on medical leave and gotta stay at home (because that's what sick people do, that or stay in hospital - so I choose to stay at home), so now I have time to update this blog!

I haven't really thought of what I want to accomplish in 2009 and I think there are still some unfinished business carried over from 2008. Overall, 2008 was a good year for me - we finally got our own place to stay and not living with in-laws anymore (well, you can say that they are living with us about one third of our life now), my hubby bought a car so now he can drive me around (how good is that!), and I got a job at Google!

On a lower note, there are a few bad things that happened in 2008 too - I almost lost someone dear in 2008 (didn't lose her at the end - that person perseveres!), my back is still giving me problem a lot of time, and my diet still fails! Oh and I grew a year older physically (and hopefully mentally)

I went to visit lots of countries in 2008 because of my new job in Google - one of them that I never visited before is New Zealand, that country is so beautiful! The mountains are really green and the place looks so peaceful. I was there for only a few days so I could just stare at it the whole day, but I'm not sure if I can live there. The shopping centers close really early like 6 or 7 PM! HOW CAN?! One thing I love about Singapore is the city never sleeps! They even have midnight shoppings for some days and you can always find food no matter where you are or what time it is.

This brings me to another thing that my hubby and I have at the back of our head - should we migrate to Australia? We like that place because it's as developed as Singapore, English speaking, and has a more relaxed environment than Singapore. BUT I still like Singapore, I feel at home here, and I can just go to Australia for holiday. The point is I don't have a good reason to migrate when I just love the place where I live at right now.

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