Thursday, January 29, 2009

CNY Batam Trip at Pura Jaya Resort

My hubby has always wanted to bring his parents for holiday so when CNY holiday is here, he thought of bringing them to Batam (near and cheap!). We left home in the morning and went to Tanah Merah ferry terminal to take the ferry, we took Batam Fast. We reached Batam about 12 PM Batam time (which is 1 hour earlier than Singapore) and there was transport provided from the Nongsapura terminal to the hotel. We bought some Indonesian snack at their so-called duty-free.

My hubby chose this resort called "Pura Jaya", I think the place is quite ok but the details are not very good, maybe because it's kinda old.

We spent afternoon walking around the resort area and also to get our massage. The massage was sooooooo painful!! I have bruise on my leg after that :(

The hotel pool looks quite nice, but the beach is kinda depressing...

At night is CNY reunion dinner and we booked a table at the hotel too. BIG MISTAKE!! The food was lousy and the price is not cheap! $25 per person! Well, it's cheap for Singapore standard but it's in Batam and the food was not nice at all.

The next day, we woke up not very early and had breakfast in the hotel. Again, the food was not nice! After breakfast, we showered and checked out of the hotel, and went to Megamall at Batam Center. The shopping center is better that the previous one that we went. My hubby and his parents spent almost an hour in the Polo shop!!! After that, we didn't have time to go to other shops, only lunch!

Then journey back to Singapore, the ferry was super full! We could only get seats on the lower deck. Sitting there feels like as if I was in a submarine. I could see that the seawater level is around my shoulder and then when the ferry started moving, the water splashed even higher! *dont look outside.... dont look outside....* so I decided to do Sudoku instead hahaha... I didn't realize that my mother-in-law was holding on super very tightly to the seat! :D

Turned out, my father-in-law was planning escape route and my hubby was thinking that if there's anything happen, then we just die. He's just plain lazy.. he wanted to die in a ferry! OMG!

That's all about Batam trip.. not that interesting and I definitely won't recommend this place if you are visiting Batam. The rest of the photos are in Picasa.

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