Thursday, January 15, 2009

Conclusion of 2008

Finally I have the time to update my almost rusty blog! Well, it's because I'm sick and on medical leave and gotta stay at home (because that's what sick people do, that or stay in hospital - so I choose to stay at home), so now I have time to update this blog!

I haven't really thought of what I want to accomplish in 2009 and I think there are still some unfinished business carried over from 2008. Overall, 2008 was a good year for me - we finally got our own place to stay and not living with in-laws anymore (well, you can say that they are living with us about one third of our life now), my hubby bought a car so now he can drive me around (how good is that!), and I got a job at Google!

On a lower note, there are a few bad things that happened in 2008 too - I almost lost someone dear in 2008 (didn't lose her at the end - that person perseveres!), my back is still giving me problem a lot of time, and my diet still fails! Oh and I grew a year older physically (and hopefully mentally)

I went to visit lots of countries in 2008 because of my new job in Google - one of them that I never visited before is New Zealand, that country is so beautiful! The mountains are really green and the place looks so peaceful. I was there for only a few days so I could just stare at it the whole day, but I'm not sure if I can live there. The shopping centers close really early like 6 or 7 PM! HOW CAN?! One thing I love about Singapore is the city never sleeps! They even have midnight shoppings for some days and you can always find food no matter where you are or what time it is.

This brings me to another thing that my hubby and I have at the back of our head - should we migrate to Australia? We like that place because it's as developed as Singapore, English speaking, and has a more relaxed environment than Singapore. BUT I still like Singapore, I feel at home here, and I can just go to Australia for holiday. The point is I don't have a good reason to migrate when I just love the place where I live at right now.

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