Monday, January 19, 2009

My Trip to Jakarta Dec 2008

I know it's a bit overdue but I think this is one of the quite big event in my life.. I mean how often do I go back and see my family! Anyway I left home earlier because I wanted to see my grandma, so I asked my boss for permission to work from home for 3 days there, and he's cool with it :)

My grandma looks really fresh when I was there. She complains about back pain now and then but overall she really looks ok. Maybe she's just not complaining enough or maybe she's used to the pain already.. I dunno.. I'm just glad that I can spend time with her this time.

And my parents are ok too, and my siblings are all still crazy.. don't believe? Just look at the photos.. a lot of the photos look really weird because they were acting really weird - and some are because my bro was testing my camera. Good camera lah, dun need to test already! This is one of the photo why I said they are a bit crazy..

I mean which guy in the right mind will take this kinda photo!! HAHAHAHAHA.. stupid brother! I can't really remember exactly what we did each day (memory problem) but these are the things that we did:

  • Visit ama

  • Went to Mangga Dua mall a few times to buy Wii and fix it and change it!

  • Went to Pluit Village (used to be Megamall) and they had blackout while we were there!! My first encounter with blackout in a mall, so scary!

  • Had BBQ at home on New Year's Eve

  • Went to Puncak (mountain area in Indo) on new year's day

Enjoy the rest of the photos...

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