Friday, January 30, 2009

Personalizing our home...

We've been trying to make our home more comfy and also more personalized. Previously, it felt like just another house because we didn't even hang our photos in the house! So finally we hung up our wedding picture, and framed a few smaller ones.

This Forever Friend photo frame was given by Jess and Akh last September and I only used it now.. hehehe... and I bought the below photo frame soon after I graduated from Uni about 5 years ago. Yeah! I'm the winner in procrastinating competition!!

I'm having a competition with my hubby on who can fill up the piggy bank faster. His is the brown one and his coin level is at the bear's tummy. Mine is the orange one and the coin level is still at the ankle! But I put a 10 dollar note the other day (courtesy of my hubby's wallet when he wasn't looking) and now it got stuck at the neck level! So I win for now :D

We also bought another LCD TV for the study cum entertainment room, it's very shiok to play Wii in that room now. We also tidied up the lambs that I bought from NZ (10 of them), previously it was scattered on the sofa doing all sorts of weird poses, and my hubby put them all on top of the TV (the old one).

Ok, the lambs are now scattered all over the place again because we can't put them on top of the TV now, so gotta tidy up the room again. Arggghh, this is becoming like a never ending task!

We also bought a few more bigger photo frames to hang up but we can't find a place that do good quality large photo printing. We found 1 shop at Bras Basah but not convinced with the quality of his printing because his own sample is already showing discoloration!

So guys, if you have any good recommendation for printing large digital photos, let me know~

After-post note: I searched the web and some people recommended Peace Center and Sunshine Plaza. We went to Peace Center and printed the big photo (50 x 70 cm) and it only cost $20! The last time we checked at Bras Basah Fujifilm shop, they were quoting us $15 for the smaller ones (about 10R), so I guess we'll be going back to Peace Center more often then :)

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