Monday, January 19, 2009

What's wrong with 2009!!

I don't like how 2009 started... First, me, of all people, am usually strong like a horse. I didn't take a single day of sick leave in my previous job and now here I am, January, utilizing more sick leave than I ever use in 1 month than I usually use in 1 year!

I have a few friends who have not-so-nice encounters too this year..

And this morning as I tried to be more positive, my slippers suddenly decided to turn his (I think it's male) on me! It just broke! And I still had to walk about 20-30 meters to the traffic light to cross the road, walk up the stairs to my office building, etc. Traitor slippers!! I tried persuading it to be back to my side, but it's really hard dragging that slipper to walk on a hard cement road, so I decided to just walk one feet barefooted, rather than stopping the traffic with my super slow-motion walking.

I'm soooooooo going shopping later!

Points of reminders for me to remain positive:

  • Bro coming to Singapore to work end of this month

  • It was my slippers that broke, not my ankles

  • I have valid reason to go shopping now

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