Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's Party Time!

Last Saturday we gathered at my sis place and had board and card game until 2 AM! Or was it 3? I can't really remember..

First, we played something like snake and ladder but on the board there are some squares where you have to take single shot, double shot, or nominate a friend to drink a shot. So we took quite a long time to finish that game because somehow we always got kicked down to the starting, we ended up drinking quite a lot @_@

After one round of that, we changed to play blackjack. I couldn't really concentrate cos I was watching TV at the same time and it was showing something quite funny (can't remember what movie though.. memory problem..) but I didn't lose that much on that game and I wasn't the banker anyway..

Next after everyone drank quite a lot, we play heart attack, the card game where everyone take out their card one by one and we have to hit on the pile of card when the number matches. The last one to hit is lost and the rest will draw on his/her face. Usually we use powder but it wasn't available so we use LIQUID FOUNDATION! HAHAHAHAHHA... Anyway, imagine playing this fast game when you just have a drink..

I think my hubby lost the most on this game.. look at his face.. haahahha... we even put foundation on his glasses :D

We also draw playstation buttons on my sis face! HAHAHAHAHA.. she looks like a damn happy playstation controller...

From the photo, it can be concluded that my siblings and me are better than my hubby and bro-in-law in this game.. look at the amount of stuff on their face!! HAAAHAHAH.. slow moving humans!

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