Saturday, March 14, 2009

Babies Everywhere

Recently there's a news that Singapore is short of 6,000 new babies every year to replenish the population naturally. But why am I seeing so many pregnant people and babies everywhere?

For the past 4-5 years, there isn't a single year where none of my friends give birth or got pregnant. Everytime I logged in to Facebook, there's always someone pregnant or just given birth, and a lot of times they are younger than me or same age, and just got married! Maybe it's a custom for people in Indonesia to have baby immediately after they got married, and then wait a few years for the second one.

Most of my close friends who are married are either have kids, just gave birth, or trying for baby! In fact, today I'm going to see one of them whose baby just turned 1 month old.

And recently an ex-colleague just told me that his wife just given birth to a twin baby girls! So nice! Twin bundle of joy at one go!

So if I'm the one making the stats, I think we have enough babies!

PS: Turned out Singapore is actually short of 60,000 babies and not 6,000 babies! Imagine there are 60,000 more babies at IT show.. cramped!!!

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