Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Exploring Singapore - Sentosa

Since my brother can still be counted as tourist, we decided to bring him to Sentosa. We visited the beaches but it was cloudy after a heavy rain, but it's still nice nonetheless.

This is my brother advertising some kind of chips that my sis brought (they were thinking of a picnic maybe?)

Afterwards, we tried Sentosa 4D Magic. It cost 18 bucks per person to sit inside that room with a rocking chair and having water splash to your face. Ok I know 4D animation stuff in general is like that, but the one they have in Sentosa is not very good. The one we watched in Gold Coast is wayyyyy better, at least the movement is more synchronized with the picture and not just some random rocking of the chair.

And then after 4D Magic, we went to watch Song of The Sea. It's supposed to replace Musical Fountain that used to be free, but this one is only 4 bucks and it's quite worth because it has nicer stuff compared to Musical Fountain. They have fireworks and fire in addition to just laser lights and fountain :)

This is us waiting for the show to start :)

And then before we go home, we took more photos...

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