Saturday, March 14, 2009

Our BIG plan

If you're one of those few people that I always talk with, you'll know that there are just a few things that I constantly have in my mind..

  1. Master degree
  2. Have a normal married couple lives without constant in-law interferences
  3. Doggie

I kinda think I shouldn't do no. 1 as it's not economical for me to leave my job, spend a few tens of thousands of dollars to get Master degree and have no income for several years and then only go back to work after that.

And I also kinda give up on no. 2 because it's just hard to understand what they think and it's also hard for them to understand that we're grown up and don't need to be minded every quarter for 2 months by them, let alone given privacy.

So my last hope is no. 3! Recently, I went to watch Marley & Me with my colleagues and it reminded me again about keeping a dog! I really want to keep one but I have no idea where to put it in my small HDB flat and who is going to take care of it while both of us are out working.

My hubby said that we should only keep a dog when we have a landed property (HAHAH when will that happen?). Anyway, we've been going to a few showflats as well to look for cheap condo. So far, there are a few nice ones but none of them come cheap! Even though it's economic crisis right now, the condo are still selling at about $600-700 psf, whereas my in-laws bought their (now already sold) condo at only $500+ psf during SARS time. Maybe SARS had a worse economic impact on property market than economic crisis? I still can't figure out the logic yet.

Ok I know I've been going quite far away from the doggie point, but trust me IT'S ALL RELATED!

My hubby said we should buy a condo when the market is bad so that we can buy it at cheaper price. And then we should rent either the HDB flat or the condo out so that we can use the rental monies for the mortgage, it's quite a clever idea actually, except that we don't have that kinda cash for condo downpayment now! And then when the market price of both HDB and condo are good, we can sell both and buy a landed property! SOUNDS GOOD.. and then after that I get to keep a dog at home! :D

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