Monday, March 9, 2009

Peeking inside my bag...

To carry all my important cards like ID, credit cards, monies! And also because I think it's quite pretty :D

My Google Android phone
So that all my friends and family can contact me... doh!

So that my colleagues can contact me? Erm.. I just carry it in case someone from work need to contact me..

Canon IXUS 80 digicam
So that I can take photos whenever and wherever I want!

Small pouch containings lots of smaller items
To contain the smaller items? Ok basically those are the small stuff that I don't want to be randomly found at the bottom of the bag so I put those in a small pouch, those are stuff like rubber bands to tie hair, hair clips, papers, tissue paper, etc.

House keys
So that I can enter and exit the house easily...

Car keys
So that..... hmm... I dunno why the key is there because I seldom drive the car.. but there just doesn't seem to be a proper place at home to store this key..

Woman emergency stuff
For woman emergency situation

Card holders
To keep all my discount and priviledge cards.. can never have enough of them! Most shops have their own VIP cards, they should all work together and combine effort!

Coin pouch
To store coins..

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