Tuesday, April 14, 2009

January - April 2009 Sucks Big Time

Life just sucks when certain people intrude your life... and when you simply can't tell them to get out of your life... and when they think they have the right or valid reason to do so... and when other people that you expect to agree with you also agree with the intruders... oh well, I gave up on all of them now..

I hate January - April 2009.. Even though there were some good stuff that happened, but in general it sucked big time! So unhappy about this.. I hope April ends soon and intruders don't come anymore!

Intruders said they won't come here in a long while, I wonder how long is their "long while" because their definition of "short visit" is about 4.5 months now.. so maybe "long while" is 4.5 years.. oh yeah.. dream on.. it's good if they can resist intruding again after half a year! Maybe time to arrange for a coincident holiday?

Can't you learn from other people at your position? Short visits are less than 1 week. Ok so you come from afar, 2 weeks not long enough for you? Don't you know that people need their own privacy? Oh yah I know that you tried to give us that, and according to your own definition it's good enough, but did you ever ask us our opinion?

I just want my privacy back! I hate it when you tried to count how many pairs of shoes I have or trying to make me apply to work in the almost now bankrupt company! You thought you were wise huh? And why should I have my personal wine collection at home when I don't even like to drink wine? If you think wine is good, why didn't I see any wine collection at your own home? Shouldn't you at least try to do what you are asking other people to do?

I also hate watching and listening to TV channels that I don't understand. And don't always tell me to learn your language when you don't even bother to learn my language! Is your language better? I hate the way your English sounds like! So fake and proud at the same time!

Anyway, enough ranting.... going to sleep soon and hopefully another day of April is gone! Or perhaps 2 days of April.. oh who am I kidding! Come end of April and I shall go celebrate the banishment of the intruders!

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