Thursday, May 28, 2009

Bye bye Pratip

Perhaps our last meal together for 2009?

Some pictures from our times together.. :)

Junior is 10 weeks old!

Junior is 10 weeks+ old this week and he/she is growing healthily. Today we went to take a peek at him/her again and he/she was sleeping.. sooo cute.. we could see that Junior started to form like a human already, the shape of the head, body, arms, and legs can be seen clearly already :)

It still feel so miraculous and I can't wait to meet Junior soon!

Anyway, the next appointment will be for Oscar test, that is the test where they will draw my blood and test it, and also they will do an ultrasound to find out how thick is the neck area of the baby. The purpose of the test is to determine if I have high risk of carrying a baby with Down Syndrome.

I'm not sure if I wanna do the test actually. So what if the test says that I'm at high risk? It's not as if I'm going to abort it.. so maybe shouldn't take the test? But it'll also give a piece of mind that baby is healthy if the test turn out fine. Oh dilemma dilemma... I realized that I pray more now after I became pregnant.. I secretly pray to God every time I see something bad.. "Please God, don't let my baby have this disease.." or when I see something really good.. "Please God, make my baby look as cute as the baby in the poster.."

My mom said I shouldn't waste my time praying to God for a good and kind kid because she's very sure my kid will turn out naughty..... *faint* I think she secretly wants my kids to have her revenge because I gave her so much trouble when I was young.. sorry mum :D

Anyway, I think today is a really good day as I meet Junior again and I'm happy that Junior is growing normally.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

8th Week Update

So this week I'm 8 weeks pregnant and I've noticed some weird changes with me, some quite gross I tell you... For example, I keep on having gas problem so I burped a lot!! Even in my sleep... ha ha ha.. so we have some kind of crazy choir at night I guess, with me burping and my husband snoring!

Next problem is my bowel is acting weird, it's either constipation or diarrohea! Seems like my stomach just can't make up its mind whether to keep or throw certain stuff.. ugh!

Another very apparent problem is my poor memory. Well, it was already quite poor before but now it became worse! To the extend that I tell my husband the same story twice in the same day! And when he said that I already told him that, I couldn't remember at all. Am I losing my memory soon???

Other changes are I'm always feeling tired, even when I just woke up in the morning! And I developed super-nose, I can smell stuff that I couldn't smell before and I tell you it's not a good thing. When I go to some place, the smell become so unbearable! I thought being superhero was cool, but supernose is definitely not cool and there isn't a real use to it, unless you are a K9? And why on earth they call it "morning sickness" when it happens all the time!!! Moreover, mine usually gets worse about 5-6PM until the time I go to sleep :(

Despite complaining so much about this pregnancy, I'm actually very happy and excited about this. We kept on talking about what names to give the baby, my husband already devised some methods to discipline him/her (kiasu!), and I can't wait for the 12th week to be over! My doctor told me that during the first trimester, the pregnancy is rather fragile and advised us not to tell anyone until the 12th week is over before broadcasting this news to the whole world. Hence, I'm saving lots of blog posts as draft and only posting them later, including this one! :D

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


We went to Cineleisure last night to eat at Es Teler 77 and watch "Taken". I thought it was some alien kidnapping movie, but turned out it's just normal human kidnapping another human movie.. haha..

The movie is quite good, heroic father and cute daughter.. the father basically killed everyone who is involved in his daughter's kidnapping... tsk tsk tsk...

Moral of the story: Don't talk to strangers and don't share cab with strangers!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Wolverine and StarTrek

Over the last few days, we watched Wolverine and StarTrek. I think Wolverine is ok, kinda sad story, but still worth watching especially if you are a Marvel fan :)

StarTrek is really a great movie! You should watch it even if you are not a StarTrek fan.. I'm not a fan, but when my bro asked me to go and watch, I just said ok. It was a good decision as I really like the movie :)

So many things to do, so little resources

When we bought our house, we didn't do much renovation other than repainting it and removing some shelves. And now, I start to feel that I wanna make some changes to the house, like changing all the doors to light color and also the wall skirting to some other colors! I really think that the white floor and wooden color wall skirting combination is really not matching! :(

On top of that, I wanna get rid of all hand-me-down furnitures because they just simply doesn't match the house and their design is kinda "traditional". How to throw away all these things tactfully without offending the original owner? Sigh.. I need to make them spoilt "naturally". One of the items that is already showing sign of breakdown is the shoe-rack, the magnet portion broke! HAHAH I promise I don't have anything to do with it! But now I can't decide if I should just buy a nicer white color shoe rack or whether I should get a contractor to make a built-in one, maybe with attached chair so that people can sit down and wear shoes :)

I also wanna change the built-in wardrobe in my room and then make a dressing table because the current wardrobe has sliding door and it's really noisy and troublesome in the morning when we are rushing to go to work. Both of us have gotten our fingers stuck in between the sliding doors at some point of time. This sliding door design is simply no good and not safe!

I also want to change the kid's room wardrobe door. Currently it's like orangy peach and I want to change it to white color, to make it more matching with the rest of the house.

On top of that, I also want to change some of our own furnitures too! Like the sofa and coffee table.. haahah.. this is becoming like changing the whole house! I wonder how much $$$$ all these will cost! :(

Friday, May 8, 2009

First Doctor Appointment

Yesterday was our first doctor's appointment after I was tested positive for pregnancy, and we were so excited about it because we want to know the estimated due date, what I should and shouldn't eat, the gender of the baby (haha!), and I think my husband wants to ask if we can still do "it" when I'm pregnant.. :p

Anyway, I opted for abdominal scan but since the pregnancy is still at early stage, I need to come with full bladder. Since our appointment is at 4 PM, the nurse told me to go toilet and empty my bladder at 3 and then drink 3 glasses of water. I'm not sure what she meant by 3 glasses of water lah.. I mean what size glass she wants.. so I just drank a full bottle of water, my bottle is about 1 litre, I guess.. bad mistake! I almost couldn't hold it when we reach the doctor and had to jump the queue so that the doctor can scan my tummy first, so that I can be relieved of my bladder duty.... *phew....*

Anyway, during the scan... it was sooooo miraculous, I could see the womb and the water bag (is it called water bag??) and a dot inside. The doctor told me the dot is the baby, I was actually expecting something that looks more like a lizard. She used the scanner thinge to determine the size of the baby and she said it's about 11 mm. So small and tiny!!

She also made the heartbeat sound louder using the scanner thinge.. I tell you this scanner thinge is damn cool... anyway, the baby's heartbeat is soooo fast! It's faster than my heart beat after a jog! I thought maybe the baby was nervous about the scan.. shy baby.. but the doctor told me that it's normal that at this age, the heartbeat is that fast. It sounded like horse steps!

I can't believe I'm going to be a mom.... my hubby can't believe that I'm going to be a mom as well... he said I can't even take care of myself... he thinks I'll forget to feed the baby and suggested we buy the Japanese dog feeding machine, where it will feed the baby at a certain period... what kind of husband is this?!?!

The doctor also gave us a list of food to avoid like raw stuff, unwashed veggie and fruits, etc. She also helped us to count the estimated due date, which is about Dec 20th and since it's usually earlier, there might be a good chance that the baby will share the same birth date as his/her dad! I'm just glad that I don't have to wait another year to send this baby to school.. hahah I'm turning into kiasu Singapore auntie!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Malaysia Road Trip April 2009

My brother needs to get out of Singapore for 5 days because his social visit pass is going to expire, so we planned to go on a driving trip to Malaysia, simply because my husband wants to drive! He actually planned to drive until Penang, I just can't stand the feeling of sitting in the car from Penang to Singapore, I think my backside will be as flat and stiff as a washing board! So at the end, we decided to drive up to Cameroon Highland but alas all the hotels are fully booked. Apparently, Malaysians like to go to Cameroon Highland as well during holiday period.

At the end, we only managed to book hotels in Malacca and KL *boring boring*. It was quite a long and dark journey to Malacca, because there weren't many street lights even on the North-South highway, and our GPS kept on bringing us away from the highway as if it has a mind of its own!

We left home about 8PM and reached Malacca about 10 or 11 PM (can't remember.. memory problem!) and checked in to the hotel. I soon crashed into bed and refused to move anymore, but my hubby and my brother still went around the area to check out the place. Well, nothing abnormal, this is what usually happens when we go on holiday. I will be sleeping or watching TV in the room while my hubby goes explore and buy food back.. hahaha.. :D

The next day, we went to this mall near our hotel. I think it's called Pahlawan or something, and my brother wants to try fish spa. I'm terrified of it so I just watched them and of course took photos of them.

My bro said it's ticklish, I think it's just disgusting... why can't they just go for normal pedicure!? Afterwards, we went to the historical area of Malacca. We even went to a museum!

We also climbed a very tall stairs to go up a building that used to be a church at some point of time in Malacca's history.

And my brother, being silly as he is, must take silly photos!

At night we went to watch Wolverine there. It cost like 4 bucks if I remember correctly! So cheap!!!

Next day we will be driving to KL, but we planned to pass by Port Dickson on the way. The beach was having low tide and there were lots of crab holes on the sand!

Then the camera battery went flat at this place! And the spare battery was flat too! ARRRGGGGHH what's the use of having spare battery when it's flat? So anyway, we hung out at that place and we kinda like it and decided that we should go to Port Dickson for holiday next time.

When we reached the KL hotel, it was quite late as well. And my brother of course needs to stress-test his extra bed.

So next day first destination in KL is of course the famous twin tower at KLCC! We couldn't get the ticket to go up because we were there quite late. The officer told us that usually the tickets ran out by 10 AM! Soooo kiasu lah!!

I can't remember what we did after KLCC *memory problem* but maybe we stayed there until pretty late.. Next day, being lazy as I am, I stayed in the hotel while they go to Batu Caves... good decision because I heard they have to climb up a lot of stairs and even they felt tired after that!

We also went to Genting Highlands since my brother never been there before. The only new thing that I haven't tried is Ripley's Believe It Or Not, but somewhere towards the end of the exhibit, I got the strange feeling that I've actually been there before.. *i really hate my poor memory!*

We also had Korean BBQ at Genting. I thought the portion was quite small when it came, but turned up we were so full after that.

We spent the last day in KL shopping and driving back to Singapore.. tiring journey but really fun :)

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