Saturday, May 9, 2009

So many things to do, so little resources

When we bought our house, we didn't do much renovation other than repainting it and removing some shelves. And now, I start to feel that I wanna make some changes to the house, like changing all the doors to light color and also the wall skirting to some other colors! I really think that the white floor and wooden color wall skirting combination is really not matching! :(

On top of that, I wanna get rid of all hand-me-down furnitures because they just simply doesn't match the house and their design is kinda "traditional". How to throw away all these things tactfully without offending the original owner? Sigh.. I need to make them spoilt "naturally". One of the items that is already showing sign of breakdown is the shoe-rack, the magnet portion broke! HAHAH I promise I don't have anything to do with it! But now I can't decide if I should just buy a nicer white color shoe rack or whether I should get a contractor to make a built-in one, maybe with attached chair so that people can sit down and wear shoes :)

I also wanna change the built-in wardrobe in my room and then make a dressing table because the current wardrobe has sliding door and it's really noisy and troublesome in the morning when we are rushing to go to work. Both of us have gotten our fingers stuck in between the sliding doors at some point of time. This sliding door design is simply no good and not safe!

I also want to change the kid's room wardrobe door. Currently it's like orangy peach and I want to change it to white color, to make it more matching with the rest of the house.

On top of that, I also want to change some of our own furnitures too! Like the sofa and coffee table.. haahah.. this is becoming like changing the whole house! I wonder how much $$$$ all these will cost! :(

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