Friday, June 5, 2009

Bro's 2nd last dinner in Singapore

Since my bro was going back to Jakarta the next day, my hubby thought we should go somewhere rather special for dinner. He brought us to this place near the old airport. There's a western food place over there, the location is really secluded but apparently they are quite popular just from word-of-mouth.

Anyway, the famous thing that they have in that place is this buffalo wings that is super spicy. They have level 1 to level 10, 10 being the most spicy! Actually this is not the first time I came here with my hubby, we brought his dad here before as well. And if I remember correctly, we ordered level 4 then, and it wasn't that spicy.

So when we were ordering the foods, my hubby got kinda yaya.. he wanted to order level 10!! *gasp* The guy who took our order looks quite disturbed.. ha ha ha.. he asked us if we eat there before, and we told them that we ordered level 4 before. At the end, we settled with a dozen of level 7 buffalo wings, some mini burgers and the mouth watering cheese fries :)

When the buffalo wings came, I could smell chilli in the air! Sooooo hot smelling!! Soon, we were digging into it and nearly died! My sis and I couldn't even finish 1.. my hubby at the end finished 3 or 4 by himself ha ha.. we tried really hard to finish it because the guy who took our order kept on coming back to our table! I think he must be laughing inside!! Thank God he stopped us from ordering level 10 :D

At the end, we had to take-away a few pieces of that deadly buffalo wings, together with some burgers that we couldn't finish (because we drank too much water!). But if anything good came out of it, my brother went home with sexy lips :D

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