Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Things I learnt in the last few months

  1. Sometimes it's wrong to stand up for yourself (because it might bring you further trouble or hurt other people) - in those cases, the correct thing to do: keep quiet and suck it in! Yeah I know it sucks...
  2. You can't expect everybody to see things from your perspective, especially those who are involved in the same issue as you and even if you think you are right and logical.
  3. Keeping quiet doesn't mean admitting defeat, that's why people says "Silence is gold."
  4. When other people keeps quiet, it doesn't always mean they agree with you.
  5. Maturity doesn't always come with age.
  6. You might think that you know someone really well, but it may turn out that they have a dark side.
  7. Some people may appear really irritating, but that's just how they behave. They don't mean to hurt you at all.
  8. Some people may appear to be really polished and smart but they may stab you from behind.
  9. Life is unexpected. What is here today may be gone tomorrow and you'll never see it again, so cherish what you have now!
  10. There are some people in your life that will always be there for you, in times of good and bad, happy and sad. Those are my source of strength and those that I trully cherish the most.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Travel to India while pregnant - safe?

I think after I found out that I'm having a baby, I'm scared to do a lot of things, like run or even walk fast! And I try very hard to watch what I'm eating, no raw stuff, not even half cooked! All fruits must be washed clean before consumed, etc etc. Even simple stuff like mayonaise might contain raw egg! I'm either turning kiasi or kiasu! Either way, it's almost driving me crazy! Well, crazy in a good way though :)

And tomorrow I'm going to India. I was fretting so much about it because in my previous company, a few people fell sick after drinking water in India - I'm not sure what kind of water they drank though. And I have another colleague who fell sick eating Subway in India! She suspects that it's because of the uncooked lettuce in the sandwich! And I thought that fast foods must be quite safe!

However, after finding out more from my colleague who've been there before, I feel more relieved right now. She told me that they provide bottled mineral water in the office and in the corporate housing, we can even use that to brush our teeth! :D

Taj Mahal on Saturday!!

Anyway, my mom said I shouldn't worry too much about it because I'm Indonesian and my stomach is much stronger because we are sooooo accustomed to eating "dirty" stuff. Well, there's some truth to it but I'm not taking chances!

I'm just praying that God takes care of me and my unborn child :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Oscar Test Result & 16th week update

We were supposed to know the Oscar test result 4 weeks ago but our doctor had to go on urgent leave, so we just found out yesterday. All the test are fine, baby has very very low chance to have Down Syndrome. I'm not sure if other clinics usually do this, but seems like my gynae is one of the kiasu ones. Since we are cleared / declared safe from the first trimester, we can tell the whole world already! That's why today I published all my previously baby-related saved drafts :D

So after reviewing the test result, we scanned the baby one more time. My heart nearly stopped at first because the baby wasn't moving! I think the doctor got a shock too! She immediately switched on the heartbeat monitor thinge, so that we can hear the baby's heartbeat. Luckily, the heartbeat is still as strong as ever, and the baby was sleeping, curling his stomach and facing downwards :D

The doctor thought we could find out the gender yesterday but with that kind of sleeping position, really hard to tell. She tried to make the baby move, but he/she moved even further in and making it even harder to tell the gender. Then she tried to scan from the side of my tummy, means from the backside of the baby and she said she can't see anything dangling in between (LOL! My gynae has a weird sense of humor..) so most probably Junior is a girl, but she'll do another clearer scan next month. ARRGH quick tell me lah, I wanna go shopping already!

I think the baby felt that we were making too much noise. At one point, he/she actually moved her arms and covered her ears!!

But we wouldn't give up and keep on scanning.. at the end the baby gave us hand signal (how cool is that?) and said OK... I think he/she was trying to say "I'm OK, no need for further scanning.. go home, let me sleep.."

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