Thursday, August 27, 2009

Parent and Child Relationship

Disclaimer: The "parents" in this post are not mine.

Recently, I heard that someone's parents are unhappy to someone because this person (let's call him A) hasn't called them in a long time. So I asked A whether the parents actually tried to contact A at all, like to initiate a conversation and A said no. Then I asked again, so how did A know that the parents are unhappy. A said because when A called them, they were kinda showing the unhappiness.

To me, it's kinda strange. If you miss your kid, why don't you call them first? Why throw temper at them when they are the one making the first move to call you? Maybe I'll understand this next time when I'm old... and my kids don't call me... but I don't really get it now...

I thought if both parties are not making the contacts then both parties are equally at fault. Or is there an unwritten rule that the kids have to be the one making the first move?

Additional thoughts after posting the above: I have a really cool mom. She never hesitates to contact us, when she's worried about us, when she misses us, or even just when she is frustrated and needs someone to talks to. She's such a cool mom that we even find it fun when she's around and she doesn't build that invisible barrier between us kids and her.

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