Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mom, Dad, and Aseng Trip to SG

Mom, dad, and my youngest bro came to visit SG from 13 - 30 September and stayed at my place. We tried to do as many things as possible when they are here, but we ended up going shopping and playing Wii most of the time :D

Here are some of the stuff that we did...

Steamboat dinner at my place...

Weekend getaway to Pulai Springs, KL and Genting..

BBQ chalet at Downtown East Pasir Ris (or as my dad said it Paris East! hahaha)

Bowling at Downtown East Pasir Ris as well... well, I didn't play because I already have a ball attached to my tummy! :D

One day in Sentosa..

And the rest are just shopping, eating, playing Wii, talking, gossiping :D

They just left a few hours ago but my house felt sooooo quiet now! Worst, I have to go back to work tomorrow... back to real life!!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner with Winnie & Yenyul a.k.a Rachel & Rebecca

Long time didn't catch up with them and Winnie was curious to see my big tummy as well, so we FINALLY arrange to meet up in Compass Point as requested by Winnie cos she said her baby needs to sleep early, but at the end she didn't bring her baby!! hahahahahha..

Anyway, Yenyul brought hers... her baby is soooo cute! She has this curious looks, keeps on staring at people and keeps on grabbing stuff around her. Too bad I cannot carry her coz she's too heavy for me right now..

Anyway, meeting up with them gives me a glimpse of how my life will be like next time. It seems so troublesome to go out with a baby, my friend brought a big bag just for the baby stuff, and she still has to carry strollers! On top of that, she needs to feed the baby as well! Oh man... I really need help next time!

Friday, September 11, 2009

My New Toy from Jess and Akh

I got an early birthday present from Jess & Akh! But I haven't tried it yet but it looks soooo pretty heheheh :)

For more details about the product, click here
Thanks guys :)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

USA Trip August 2009

I had to travel to USA for business, but well, it's not always work and work, we managed to find time to explore SF, LA, and nearby areas. Basically I can't really remember that much details about where we went (and also lazy!), so here are some of my favorite pictures....

At the Golden Gate Bridge (I always thought the bridge is red color, it's actually orange from near!)

And these photos were taken at Palace of Fine Arts (also in SF) - there was a wedding ceremony going on when we went there :)

And then there's one weekend when we flew to LA, first thing we visited is Universal Studios. I kinda like it but there are so many rides that I couldn't take and there are a lot that have moving chairs (like those 4D animation kind) but I had to sit on the stationery ones. Oh well, maybe next time I'll go there again...

And photos with some cartoon characters..

We spent a full day at Universal and the next day we went to Santa Monica beach.. NICE!

We also managed to get Sprinkles cupcakes from Beverly Hills. I saw it in the magazine and we thought we should give it a try. It's really good! Usually cupcakes have pretty looking but disgusting tasting frosting. Theirs are pretty and yummy!

I also managed to meet up with my old friend in SF. It was a coincident because she flew to SF from LA that week for another gathering. It was really good seeing her after a year! Last year when I went to USA, I met her too and she was 8 months preggie. This time round when I met her, her son is already so huge and was running around! And this time is my turn to be pregnant... So, if I go there again next year, it's her turn to be preggie!

There's also one Friday when my colleague suggested that we go to work from SF office because the office is so nice. The view from the window is really good... we could see Bay Bridge from the window...

But the best thing of this trip is SHOPPING!!! I bought so many cute baby clothes for my baby. I think she has enough clothes until she's 2 years old! My hubby thinks I'm going to spoil her but I thought I was just spending my money the smart way since it's so much cheaper to buy from here. Hee... And I finally bought a Coach bag and wallet! My old wallet has served me for more than 3 years and kinda worn out and there was sale, the wallet was selling for USD 70+ (u.p. is USD 300 something) and I'm sure it's still selling way more expensive than USD 300 in SG so it's a good bargain! :)

Hopefully next year I can go to US again! :)

Junior's 25th week update

2 nights before we went to Langkawi, the baby didn't move as much as she was moving when she was in US. Perhaps she was excited with all the shoppings that we were doing there, or some other reason... maybe jetlagged? I don't know.. I was soooo worried and I called the doctor the next day to go for check-up, luckily they have free slot!

It turned out that she's fine, maybe tired from all the traveling and flights. Imagine just before born, she already took 15 flights and some of them are long haul. I really should stop traveling...

Anyway, she was really active during the scan, practising her breathing by sucking on the placenta! She looks like she was drinking breast milk without the boobs! haahaha :p

Anyway, 14 more weeks to delivery... cannot wait to meet this little girl! :)

Monday, September 7, 2009

Babymoon at Langkawi 3 - 6 Sept 2009

We feel like we really needed a break from work and from other business travels. This time round, it's a real holiday travel! Anyway, for those who dunno what babymoon is, check this out: Wikipedia definition of babymoon.

After a lot of arguing and bargaining (with each other), we finally decided to book Berjaya Resort & Spa and we actually really liked that place! Check out the room and the balcony! The bathroom came with double basin, a bath tub, and another shower!

We basically spent the first day lazing in the room, at the balcony (eating chips) and me basically doing what I do on holidays (read magazine in the room and then doze off..) while my hubby did... not sure what he did, perhaps explored around the area or just watch TV.. :p

When he finally managed to wake me up, it was about dinner time and we drove our rental car to Kuah town (led by our beloved GPS). This is most probably the most happening part of Langkawi as other area is kinda backwards except for those resorts. But it's really a good place for holiday, so relax and everybody seems to just do their things slowly... unlike stressful Singapore!

The next day we had a full day itinerary to explore the whole north Langkawi island. First we started by visiting the resort that is nearest to us. I think it's called Mutiara Resort. Their beach is not bad, kinda private and connected to the beach at Berjaya but I don't really like the resort style. It's too rustic for my liking.

Next resort we visited is also quite near the area, it's called Andaman. It's also very nice.. check out the pool that they have! Lots of skinny girls suntanning there *soooo jealous!!!*

But the one place that we feel like it's the perfect place is Tanjong Rhu resort! The whole place looks like it came out from a magazine or from a catalogue! And they have this super wide white sand beach where not many people is using, kinda like your own private beach! Too bad this place come with a "perfect" price tag too. My hubby said it costs RM 3000++ per night, that would be about SGD 1,500 per night!

Siyong, baby bump photo above is taken especially for you since you requested to see my big tummy! :p

Anyway, since we can't afford a night there, we decided to spend afternoon there having lunch at their pool side restaurant. Bad thing is we were too hungry to take photos of the food before we ate it!

After that, we went to Kuah town again to see the Jetty Point. It is where the eagle landmark is located. The place looks really different in the day compared to the night before when we went there for dinner.

At this point, we kinda cover almost the whole Langkawi and we decided to call it a day. Yay! Go back to cozy room and call room service for dinner.. I lurve room service! :p

Next morning, we decided that we should go explore the beach at Berjaya since we have seen so many other resorts' beaches but we haven't actually seen the one at our own resort! It was kinda cloudy and about to rain when we went down, but the view is still nice :)

After that, we decided to visit those places that we haven't visited the past 2 days, mostly located around south west of Langkawi, so we basically just drove around and didn't really go down to any of those places.

One place that might be worth visiting (if you like climbing up and down staircase) is Seven Wells. I went there before the first time I went to Langkawi probably about 9 or 10 years ago, and we had to climb like zillions of staircases to reach the top, so no way I'm doing it again this time! And hubby used me as excuse to not climb up there :p

And then there's also the famous Langkawi cable car and the sky bridge, it's like a bridge that is supported by only a single structure. How freaky is that and why would anyone wanna go there?! Anyway, my hubby kept on persuading me to go there and I reluctantly just followed him. When we reached there, the ticket counter is closed! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH... lucky me! It's closed earlier because it's the muslim's fasting month :p

No more place to visit... and I was kinda tired at this point... getting weaker by day and stomach is getting heavier, and it's harder to walk far! So we head back to Berjaya to rest and again ROOM SERVICE!!! :D

Until the next holiday.... :)

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Making Kastengel or Indonesian Cheese Stick

Another outdated post...

One day, I was craving for kastengel or Indonesian cheese stick so much and I decided to search for recipe online, then I found these recipes and tried to combined it:

They are roughly the same but you can get rough idea on what's important to be there and what are just for deco purpose. Anyway, here's the cookies before going into the oven....

And no photo of it after coming out from the oven... all go inside stomach... :p

I gave some of them to my SIL and kids and they love it, and asking for the recipe but too bad they are all in Indonesian language!

Note to self: Translate recipe to English...

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

India Trip July 2009

This post is like super duper late.. but whatever lah.. so busy these few months with all the traveling... anyway, pictures speak louder than words, so here are some of my favorites :)

One of the Taj Mahal gates.. can't remember which one because they are identical!

Me posing in front of Taj Mahal :)

And more Taj Mahal! This is like the most important icon in India - it was created by a king for his wife (3rd wife actually). I thought it was a palace at first but it's actually a tomb!

Taj Mahal is really nice (from far) but from near you can see that it's actually not as white as how it appears to be.. ha ha.. just like girl's skin, the nearer you are, the more imperfection you can find! It was good to see it though, it's one of the world's 7 wonders! But the weather was really hot (about 40 degree celcius) and my colleague almost fainted!

Team Dinner.. food! Still excited about Indian food at this time... =p

We also visited Golkonda Fort near Hyderabad (or maybe at Hyderabad, can't remember..)

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