Monday, September 7, 2009

Babymoon at Langkawi 3 - 6 Sept 2009

We feel like we really needed a break from work and from other business travels. This time round, it's a real holiday travel! Anyway, for those who dunno what babymoon is, check this out: Wikipedia definition of babymoon.

After a lot of arguing and bargaining (with each other), we finally decided to book Berjaya Resort & Spa and we actually really liked that place! Check out the room and the balcony! The bathroom came with double basin, a bath tub, and another shower!

We basically spent the first day lazing in the room, at the balcony (eating chips) and me basically doing what I do on holidays (read magazine in the room and then doze off..) while my hubby did... not sure what he did, perhaps explored around the area or just watch TV.. :p

When he finally managed to wake me up, it was about dinner time and we drove our rental car to Kuah town (led by our beloved GPS). This is most probably the most happening part of Langkawi as other area is kinda backwards except for those resorts. But it's really a good place for holiday, so relax and everybody seems to just do their things slowly... unlike stressful Singapore!

The next day we had a full day itinerary to explore the whole north Langkawi island. First we started by visiting the resort that is nearest to us. I think it's called Mutiara Resort. Their beach is not bad, kinda private and connected to the beach at Berjaya but I don't really like the resort style. It's too rustic for my liking.

Next resort we visited is also quite near the area, it's called Andaman. It's also very nice.. check out the pool that they have! Lots of skinny girls suntanning there *soooo jealous!!!*

But the one place that we feel like it's the perfect place is Tanjong Rhu resort! The whole place looks like it came out from a magazine or from a catalogue! And they have this super wide white sand beach where not many people is using, kinda like your own private beach! Too bad this place come with a "perfect" price tag too. My hubby said it costs RM 3000++ per night, that would be about SGD 1,500 per night!

Siyong, baby bump photo above is taken especially for you since you requested to see my big tummy! :p

Anyway, since we can't afford a night there, we decided to spend afternoon there having lunch at their pool side restaurant. Bad thing is we were too hungry to take photos of the food before we ate it!

After that, we went to Kuah town again to see the Jetty Point. It is where the eagle landmark is located. The place looks really different in the day compared to the night before when we went there for dinner.

At this point, we kinda cover almost the whole Langkawi and we decided to call it a day. Yay! Go back to cozy room and call room service for dinner.. I lurve room service! :p

Next morning, we decided that we should go explore the beach at Berjaya since we have seen so many other resorts' beaches but we haven't actually seen the one at our own resort! It was kinda cloudy and about to rain when we went down, but the view is still nice :)

After that, we decided to visit those places that we haven't visited the past 2 days, mostly located around south west of Langkawi, so we basically just drove around and didn't really go down to any of those places.

One place that might be worth visiting (if you like climbing up and down staircase) is Seven Wells. I went there before the first time I went to Langkawi probably about 9 or 10 years ago, and we had to climb like zillions of staircases to reach the top, so no way I'm doing it again this time! And hubby used me as excuse to not climb up there :p

And then there's also the famous Langkawi cable car and the sky bridge, it's like a bridge that is supported by only a single structure. How freaky is that and why would anyone wanna go there?! Anyway, my hubby kept on persuading me to go there and I reluctantly just followed him. When we reached there, the ticket counter is closed! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAH... lucky me! It's closed earlier because it's the muslim's fasting month :p

No more place to visit... and I was kinda tired at this point... getting weaker by day and stomach is getting heavier, and it's harder to walk far! So we head back to Berjaya to rest and again ROOM SERVICE!!! :D

Until the next holiday.... :)

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