Saturday, September 12, 2009

Dinner with Winnie & Yenyul a.k.a Rachel & Rebecca

Long time didn't catch up with them and Winnie was curious to see my big tummy as well, so we FINALLY arrange to meet up in Compass Point as requested by Winnie cos she said her baby needs to sleep early, but at the end she didn't bring her baby!! hahahahahha..

Anyway, Yenyul brought hers... her baby is soooo cute! She has this curious looks, keeps on staring at people and keeps on grabbing stuff around her. Too bad I cannot carry her coz she's too heavy for me right now..

Anyway, meeting up with them gives me a glimpse of how my life will be like next time. It seems so troublesome to go out with a baby, my friend brought a big bag just for the baby stuff, and she still has to carry strollers! On top of that, she needs to feed the baby as well! Oh man... I really need help next time!

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