Tuesday, September 8, 2009

USA Trip August 2009

I had to travel to USA for business, but well, it's not always work and work, we managed to find time to explore SF, LA, and nearby areas. Basically I can't really remember that much details about where we went (and also lazy!), so here are some of my favorite pictures....

At the Golden Gate Bridge (I always thought the bridge is red color, it's actually orange from near!)

And these photos were taken at Palace of Fine Arts (also in SF) - there was a wedding ceremony going on when we went there :)

And then there's one weekend when we flew to LA, first thing we visited is Universal Studios. I kinda like it but there are so many rides that I couldn't take and there are a lot that have moving chairs (like those 4D animation kind) but I had to sit on the stationery ones. Oh well, maybe next time I'll go there again...

And photos with some cartoon characters..

We spent a full day at Universal and the next day we went to Santa Monica beach.. NICE!

We also managed to get Sprinkles cupcakes from Beverly Hills. I saw it in the magazine and we thought we should give it a try. It's really good! Usually cupcakes have pretty looking but disgusting tasting frosting. Theirs are pretty and yummy!

I also managed to meet up with my old friend in SF. It was a coincident because she flew to SF from LA that week for another gathering. It was really good seeing her after a year! Last year when I went to USA, I met her too and she was 8 months preggie. This time round when I met her, her son is already so huge and was running around! And this time is my turn to be pregnant... So, if I go there again next year, it's her turn to be preggie!

There's also one Friday when my colleague suggested that we go to work from SF office because the office is so nice. The view from the window is really good... we could see Bay Bridge from the window...

But the best thing of this trip is SHOPPING!!! I bought so many cute baby clothes for my baby. I think she has enough clothes until she's 2 years old! My hubby thinks I'm going to spoil her but I thought I was just spending my money the smart way since it's so much cheaper to buy from here. Hee... And I finally bought a Coach bag and wallet! My old wallet has served me for more than 3 years and kinda worn out and there was sale, the wallet was selling for USD 70+ (u.p. is USD 300 something) and I'm sure it's still selling way more expensive than USD 300 in SG so it's a good bargain! :)

Hopefully next year I can go to US again! :)

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