Thursday, October 29, 2009

Ah Girl is 32 weeks old plus a few days

This morning we went to do another pre-natal check. The doctor said "WAHH you gained a lot this month!" oops... I knew it already, I was trying to drink more water since yesterday to reduce my water retention, but seems like it doesn't really help!

Anyway, the baby is about 2 kg right now and since she's so big already, she's kinda squashed inside and quite hard to take a good picture of her since she's folded :D

The doctor said that her position is already head down, ready to be born, but she hasn't really come down yet. She said "kiasu baby" hahahahaa... :D

And just before we left her clinic, she told me "Next time remember to share the cake ok.. If the father is fat, it's ok.." *faint*

Next appointment in 2 weeks time! Getting more and more frequent means it's really near the date to give birth, but I still can't believe that I'm going to be responsible for another person's life...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gaining Weight Uncontrollably!

I thought my first 2 trimesters were pretty good, as I only gained about 2 kg the first 6 months, but somehow the third trimester is so bad!! The 7th month alone, I gained 5 kg!!! :(

So tomorrow is my next check-up and I think I gained 1 kg per week since my last check-up 4 weeks ago... my doctor is going to scold me! I don't know why but it's really hard to control the weight gain, what's with water retention and random food cravings. Just like today I suddenly feel like eating Gloria Jeans chocolate sponge cake... and I finished the whole thing by myself!! Actually my hubby said I didn't eat the whole thing, because he took a bite. And I had that cake after eating Burger King.... I'm such a glutten...

Everyday I tell myself not to eat so much.. so that I don't gain too much and risk getting stretch mark! But somehow when the food is in front of my face, it's really hard to resist. Even if the food is not in front of my face, sometimes it's just floating around in my brain.......

8 more weeks to go.... 8 kilos? :(

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thomson Hospital Tour

We finally managed to join Thomson hospital tour after our 4th attempt! Well, the first 2 attempts, we just didn't manage to wake up early and for the 3rd one, we turned up during Deepavali holiday :p

So finally off we went... first stop was observation room, this is the room where they observe your contraction... I thought that this will be a private room where only 1 person is in the room. Turned out there are 3-4 beds inside each room... imagine 3 other people screaming besides you... very relaxing! :(

The next stop is birth room or delivery room, this is the room where you push your baby out. The one that they showed us has a bath tub for pain relief, but there's only one such room in the whole hospital. The rest doesn't come with bath tub. And the only thing I notice about the room is IT LOOKS DEPRESSING! I don't know why I feel that way, maybe because I imagine all the pains that are going to happen in that room or maybe simply just because the room is tiny and dark...

Ok enough of the scary part....

Next few rooms are the wards, this is where you stay for a few days after you give birth to recuperate and also so that the doctor can visit and monitor you. The first that we went is an executive suite. I think the executive suite is kinda small for a suite, maybe that's the lower level of suite because I remember when I visited my friend about half a year ago, her normal single room was much bigger! She said probably that's because her room just got renovated. Lucky girl! :)

The next suite that we went was a premier suite, one class higher than the executive suite.. Quite nice but not as nice as the picture that they put up in the website.

Oh, we also saw 2 nurseries or baby rooms - soooooo many babies in there! And all of them look so tiny and cute. There was one that was really active, already turning his head left and right :)

Anyway, I hope I get a nice room next time... and a less stressful delivery / birth room!

Friday, October 23, 2009

At That Age Now

I met up with a bunch of university friends for dinner today and the topic of the conversations revolved around babies. I think we are really at that age where everyone getting married and started having kids. In fact, one of them brought their baby to the dinner. So chubby! :)

I wonder if next time we'll start talking about our kids' school result.. and complaining to each other that MOE set too hard questions for our kids' exams! LOL... becoming those ppl that we don't like..

And I'm not looking forward to that age where we start attending each other's funeral!!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

First ParentCraft Lesson

Today was our first childbirth education course conducted by Thomson's Parent Craft. Today's course was about what to expect when you are expecting, for example what kind of changes will happen to your body (except the expanding belly), and how to take care of yourself during pregnancy.

It's funny that most of participants that I saw today, their tummy size are about my size. So I think by now they should already know what kind of changes happened. In fact, the teacher actually asked us one by one what change we or our husband saw. These are some that I remember other people said:

  1. Grumpy! But this isn't really a change lah... "HAHAHAH"

  2. My wife woke up at night to pass urine AND EAT!

  3. Stretch mark!

  4. Feeling breathless

  5. Dizziness

  6. My wife is more voluptuous and her nose is bigger

  7. Backache

Listening to them make me really grateful as I don't have any of those bad or difficult symptoms. One of the women in the class actually got admitted to hospital a few times because her morning sickness was so bad, she kept on vomiting, and has to be put on drips.

Maybe I'm carrying a very nice & kind little girl inside *cross fingers and toes* :)

Friday, October 9, 2009

Taylor Swift Love Story

Check out this 19 year old girl... she's so talented and pretty!

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's less than 11 weeks to go and I still don't know what I'm getting myself into. My mom said giving birth is like one of your legs already stepped into hell... that's how she described the pain..

Another friend described it like pushing out a watermelon out of your nostril... that sounds kinda impossible to me...

In the beginning, I wasn't so scared about the pain because I thought I will just use whatever pain relief they have, but it turned out that there are many side effects so now I'm starting to reconsider if I should have any. A lot of people said that they have backache long after they have epidural, and I already have back problem and not keen to add more pain to my already aching back.

But at the same time I'm also scared of labor pain..... arrggghh... where am I going.....

The only thing making it worth is the thought that there will be a cute baby at the end, perhaps as cute as the baby in Beyonce video..

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Junior's 28th week update

Actually Junior is 28.5 week, so only 11.5 weeks left to delivery... so many things left to do, so little time left!

We haven't bought a crib and the shower set for the baby.... and probably a lot of other things that I haven't checked! And we don't have a name for the baby yet! I kept on coming up with different names everyday and we can't decide! Lucky we don't have to choose last name as well!

Anyway, the baby is growing healthily even though the mother is gaining too much (5 kg this week!), the doctor said probably it's because the baby exercises inside whereas the mother never exercise! Somehow I'm glad the baby is not too big coz I'm worried it will be hard to deliver.

Anyway, today's scan photo is not so clear because mini Beckham decided to put her feet on her head! And both of her arms are on her head as well.. not sure why she likes to curl so much, and also she likes to live on the right side of my body even though there's still a lot of space left on the left side, maybe it's warmer there or maybe the heart beat is too noisy for her?

See you soon, little girl! :)

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