Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Gaining Weight Uncontrollably!

I thought my first 2 trimesters were pretty good, as I only gained about 2 kg the first 6 months, but somehow the third trimester is so bad!! The 7th month alone, I gained 5 kg!!! :(

So tomorrow is my next check-up and I think I gained 1 kg per week since my last check-up 4 weeks ago... my doctor is going to scold me! I don't know why but it's really hard to control the weight gain, what's with water retention and random food cravings. Just like today I suddenly feel like eating Gloria Jeans chocolate sponge cake... and I finished the whole thing by myself!! Actually my hubby said I didn't eat the whole thing, because he took a bite. And I had that cake after eating Burger King.... I'm such a glutten...

Everyday I tell myself not to eat so much.. so that I don't gain too much and risk getting stretch mark! But somehow when the food is in front of my face, it's really hard to resist. Even if the food is not in front of my face, sometimes it's just floating around in my brain.......

8 more weeks to go.... 8 kilos? :(

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