Sunday, November 29, 2009

Project Pink Room

Our baby room is finally ready! Well, not ready to be sleep in but I think we are not going to do anything major to this room from now until the baby is going to use a child bed instead of a cot.

So before transformation, the room was basically a guest room which were used by our parents and relatives when they come and visit us. We decided to keep the queen size bed from now since the baby is sleeping with us in the master room.

It used to look like this.... boring huh.....

So we (actually my hubby) spent one night taping the walls, skirting, and door frames. And then he spent one whole day to paint 2 layers of nice pink paints on 2 sides of the walls :)

After 1 layer of pink paint...

I started to like this room more at this point... so pink.... :p

And then we decided that we should get more storage space to store the baby's stuff, so we bought IKEA Expedit bookcase 2x4 size. I like it because you can choose the type and colors of the drawers. But obviously, we are not very creative because we just use the same plastic ones in 2 different colors.

And add a little bit of stickers....


Well, not really, if you notice on the picture above, there's an empty canvass on the bed head. I'm actually planning to paint the baby's name on a canvass as decoration for the room. Shall blog about it next time when I'm done with the painting :)

36 weeks and 6 days plus other random updates

We went for another check-up yesterday, and the doctor told us the the test result for Group B Strep bacteria came back negative, so it's really good! If we are tested positive, means I'll be given antibiotics via IV during delivery... euww... I planned to use epidural means there will be something attached to my back already. If I also have to get that IV, means there will be something attached to my arm! Then I think usually they will put the baby monitoring device around the mother's belly as well, means there will be something around my belly! Can you imagine all those things strapped into one person... I will look like some kind of experiment object!

Progress wise: Baby and mommy don't grow much this week, baby still weighs about 2.7kg and mommy weighs *secret* kgs. I was quite worried that she'll cross 3kg this time round! She's still as active as ever even though space are kinda limited now, so that's also a good sign. Overall, baby is very healthy :)

The scan picture from this week is not clear, so I can't be bothered to upload it here. When the doctor passed it to me, I couldn't figure out which part of the baby that is :p

The doctor said that half of her head is already descending towards the pelvic bone, so it could be about 1-2 weeks before she's born. She told me to prepare myself mentally as life with baby will never be the same again, as time will not be mine anymore. She suggested we go out and relax, catch a movie or something. She's so nice huh.. she cares about her patients, not just health wise but overall well-being... *so touched* and the nurse suggested we watch "Hua Mulan" :D

Anyway, we planned to go to Combi shop after doctor appointment. They are like the importer and distributor of Combi stuff in Singapore, and my friend said they have a lot of Combi stuff in that shop. If you are interested, this is the shop: Tai Sing Corp. It's actually near Malay Heritage center... here's the map on how to go there..

Since we bought most of our baby stuff already, we only bought their Combi toys, which my hubby complained "too expensive!!" but the toys are so cute I even want them for myself!

Check out the toys here, but the website is in Japanese.

Next, my hubby said there's a shop that is selling designer baby furniture, called "The Shophouse" near Alexandra Road, so we went there to check it out, but they don't have any baby furnitures, except for a few sets of baby beddings that don't even come with bumpers! Duh... but if you are interested in normal furnitures, they have quite a good selection there. Here's how to go there...

And then since we are at Alexandra, we decided to go to Ikea Alexandra(check out the contrast: from designer baby furniture to Ikea.. HAAHHA). They recently renovated that place and they have a lot of new showrooms, somehow with the same Ikea stuff, they can make the showrooms look so nice. We didn't buy much stuff from there, only 2 drawer inserts as they were out of stock when we last went to Ikea, and a new arrival item: baby changing station! :)

Here's my hubby assembling the changing station for our baby... :)

Final product....

Eventful Saturday....

Next is my friend's baby 1-month old celebration. This is actually her 2nd baby and her baby is also a girl. Her first one is a boy, sounds like she already has a complete family :)

I also got to meet my other friends there and we talked quite a bit and since there are 2 pregnant women there and 1 woman who recently gave birth, we talked a lot of pregnancy and childbirth stuff. Actually it's more like the preggies asking the experience one on tips and tricks on how to give birth. I think it's really overwhelming.. being given a task to bring life to another person... what if we can't do it!! But according to most women who gave birth before, it will all come naturally... maybe that's really a mystery of how God works and how He created us human.. :)

After the baby's 1-month old celebration, we are going to do what the doctor told us to do. Go and relax and watch a movie. Hubby suggested that we go to Great World City as it's less crowded there and would be easier to get a movie ticket from there, but apparently Hua Mulan wasn't playing in that cinema, so we watched The Informant instead. The movie was rather long-winded and boring, but I think the angmohs actually enjoy it, I guess people from different countries enjoy different kind of jokes.

We also shopped *yay!* a lot yesterday, bought lots of Bodyshop stuff and Aussino stuff. Well, the Aussino stuff are for the baby actually. They were having kids and bath fair and the baby bedding set was selling for only 35 bucks, consists of bumpers, fitted sheet sets, pillow case, and bolster case... so cheap!!

All in all, I think we have everything ready for baby's arrival. It's easier to prepare the physical stuff, rather than preparing mentally! At least we've got baby's cot ready....

Storage space for baby's clothes in our room (because I have too much clothes that I can't even wear now!)

So now the only thing left to do is enjoy life without baby and prepare mentally... how?

Thursday, November 26, 2009

35 weeks and 6 days

We went for another check-up last Saturday (I know it's kinda late especially since the next check-up is coming in 2 days time!) and because of the previous day's scare, my doctor put me on CTG first to monitor the baby's movement and heart rate.

She was really perky on our way to the doctor but she became quiet when we reached the doctor's office. I think they call it "awake and sleep" cycle. So I had to be put on CTG for quite sometime because she was sleeping in the beginning.

Once the doctor is happy about the CTG result, we did GBS test. It's a routine but optional test done at the last trimester of pregnancy (week 35-37). It was supposed to be painless, but mine was painful I nearly cried!

Next is the fun part... ultrasound! We can see that she has grown so big, she's about 2.7 kg already and I was born lighter than that! I think I was born without hair as well, but my girl already has a lot of hair. This week's scan is showing only her hair. It's already 2.2 cm long, time to head to the barber huh... :)

The part on the right that looks like fur is actually her hair :p

My doctor predicted that she will be about 3.5 kg when she's born. And she advised me to use epidural since I'm so scared of the pain and she thinks it will make my hubby's life easier.. HA HA HA.. but I'm also scared of the epidural needle! If you want to know how epidural is administered, you can watch it in YouTube. Be warned that it's not for the faint hearted!

In the food department, she just got upgraded from honeydew to watermelon!

In the clothes department, baby has a few Google gears already..

The first one is from my teammates in the US office, they actually sent it by post! :)

Next is from Singapore office HR team.. sooo nice, it even comes with a hat, bib, and a burp cloth :)

The last one is courtesy of mommy when she went for biz trip a few months ago :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Try this before you judge!

Recently I encountered a few inconsiderate people who gave such remarks like why am I walking so slow... or even when they don't say it, I know they are thinking about it! I'm not crazy, I'm just intuitive ok!

According to the pregnancy ticker, the baby size is about the size of a honeydew now. My baby is slightly on the larger side, so maybe about the size of a watermelon. Before you judge any other pregnant women who are waddling their way slowly, try this...
  1. Get a big plastic bag, around the same size as supermarket plastic bag
  2. Put a honeydew or watermelon in it
  3. Put a little bit of water in it - about 1 to 1.5L
  4. Tie the darn thing on your waist!
  5. Try to walk fast with that thing hanging on your waist!

Now you know that it's not as easy at it looks.... I know some fat men claim that they know how we feel, but I assure you it's not the same! And your fats don't kick your bladder anyway!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Pregnancy Scare

Now I kinda get my baby's kicking schedule. She usually kicks during breakfast time and on the way to work, and then take a nap until just before lunch time, and start to be active again for a while, and then sleep for a few hours and start kicking at about 2 or 3 PM (real hard kicks) and sleep until going home time (about 5 PM) and continue to be more active at night until I go to bed.

But today she seems a bit off. She didn't kick at all during breakfast and on the way to work. I was a bit alarmed by that, but my hubby said to monitor it first for a few hours until lunch time. So I was closely taking fetal kick counts, but until about 2 PM there were only a few weak kicks, very different from her usual strong and active movements.

The whole baby got strangled by umbilical cord stories suddenly just crept into my brain and I was so scared and nervous, so I called my husband and tell him that we should go to the hospital and check the baby's heart beat. And I was sooooo pissed off because my husband said he could send me but only after 1.5 hours because he was at an outside workplace and he was the only one driving, so his colleague won't have a ride home. WTF?!?! Which one is more important??

So I decided to take cab and I just notified my teammate that I have to go to hospital there and then! And then I made a mad rush to the taxi stand. On the way to hospital, the baby didn't kick at all.. and I was soooo nervous... and crying.... and praying.... and texting my mom.... *imagine drama queen movie*

Once I reached the hospital and finally found the correct place to go, they just put me on the fetal monitoring machine. I feel so relieved when I heard the baby's heartbeat. They want me to be under observation for at least 1 hour so that they can monitor the awake and sleeping period of the baby. It was also great that coincidentally, my gynae was there as well because she was delivering another baby. But it was quite embarrassing when she asked me "Why did you cry?" duh...

All is well now.. but then I recalled yesterday she was kicking hard the whole day, and I got a bit tired of it, and I actually kinda "scold" her and tell her not to kick me already.... I didn't know that she was going to be so obedient... I really should be careful about what I say next time...

For now, I'm enjoying the kicks again... :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Horrid pregnancy dream

Last night I had this super horrible dream.

In my dream, I was such a busy person at home (not sure busy with what), but I have my baby girl and a dog (dog now?!). It's baby's bath time, so I put my baby in the bath tub (we don't actually have a bath tub at home....), and then totally forgot about it until like 5-10 minutes later... HORROR!! And then I made a mad dash to the bathroom and found that.....


My youngest sister (when did she come to SG??) was helping to bathe the baby.... PHEW.... I'm not sure why it's her instead of my other sister who actually lives in SG. Perhaps because my youngest sis always plays with little kiddos...

I was such a crap mother in my dream..... woke up with my t-shirt all soaking with sweat! :(

And in real life... I gained 3 kg this week! GOSH.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Bubble or Pearl

My hubby attempted to make those bubbles that are usually in bubble tea. At first we could only find sago pearl, the white color type so not exactly the type they used for bubble tea.

He always thinks that food made in factories are dirty so he washed the sago dried pearl before cooking! HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA and then after a few minutes, he told me that there's no more bubble to cook. He think it's because it's the white color ones so the quality is not so good.

Then there was another time when we went to Chinatown and we saw this shop called Emporium that sells a lot of Taiwanese snacks and we found tapioca dried pearls, which is the black color type. Yay! So one day he tried to cook this, but of course he tried to be hygienic again, and he washed the tapioca dried pearls! HAHHHAHHAHAAH... and again he told me, there's no more bubble to cook! OMG...

This is the logic... If you wash sago or flour in running water, what will you have left? NOTHING! :D

Anyway, last night we went to Chinatown again and this time round we bought TWO packets of the dried tapioca pearls, just in case he forgot his first 2 lessons :D

Xiaxue's New Photoshop Guide

I always like Xiaxue's way of writing.. so rude but honest and funny lah! So I found out that she just came up with her 2nd Photoshop trick video, and I think it's really useful to learn, especially for girls.. hahaha..

This is the video..

Anyway, when I was watching the video, my hubby walked in and he made a comment like "Why are you watching the bimbo video again?" Err.. hello.. if she's a bimbo, how can I be learning Photoshop trick from her! Won't that make me even more bimbotic than her then?

Monday, November 16, 2009


After almost 4 years of marriage......

Finally we hung up our wedding portraits!!

And check out our new cushions from Ikea.. love the cute heart shape!

Friday, November 13, 2009

34 weeks and 4 days as of yesterday

Yesterday we had another ultrasound check when baby was 34 weeks and 4 days old. It was just 2 weeks from previous check-up and overall I gained 1 kg! The doctor thought the baby would gain about 100-200 grams these 2 weeks and she said it's ok for me to gain 1 kg every 2 weeks now.

However, during the scan we found out that the baby actually grew faster than we expected, she actually gained about 400 grams! Am I carrying a fat baby girl? Hahaha.. seems like she inherited daddy's gene! :p

Don't ask me which part of the baby that is... I have no idea either... she's all folded and the photos are becoming more and more blur!

Progress update: Her head circumference is about 30cm and her feet is about 7cm long, weighing at about 2.1 kg now! When the doctor said 30 cm circumference, I actually imagined 30cm diameter and I was quite dazed how can that size head come out next time... and I didn't realize that what she meant is actually really circumference until I left the clinic! What a relief though...

Next check-up will be in 1.5 weeks... the frequency and interval is getting more and more often... this is really happening!!

PS: Hubby told me the picture is of the baby's feet, heel on the left and toes on the right.

Baby is now the size of a HONEYDEW!!

I just installed this new widget that shows the growth of the baby, well not exactly my baby but average of other babies same age as mine. And currently it says "Baby is the size of honeydew".....

Perhaps it wasn't really a good idea to install the widget??

Monday, November 9, 2009

Our little fashionista

Yesterday I washed all baby's newborn - 3 months old going out clothes already *kiasu mode on* and I was drying the clothes in the living room. Sounds strange? This is because in Singapore the houses are so small, people usually hang their clothes using pole outside of their house or inside the kitchen. My hubby was preparing dinner so I didn't want to dry the clothes in the kitchen - they will all smell like garlic or fish!

Anyway, when my husband saw the clothes...

The only comment he gave "OMG... so young already so much clothes! How am I going to live with 2 girls next time?" HUAHAHAHAHA... this is just the starting! :D

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Another baby girl is here!

I just received a text message from my friend, she just delivered her baby girl at 36 weeks! So fast! Good for her, seems like she has everything ready, including the name of the baby... heheh... :p

I'm so not ready....

Monday, November 2, 2009

More preggies and migrants

I just discovered 2 more pregnant people around me but their due date is kinda far from me, they are still in first trimester but seems like whatever the government is doing to make people pro-create is working! I'm seeing people getting pregnant everywhere nowadays! :D

And I just received a news that another friend is going to migrate to Australia. Somehow I had a mixed feeling when I heard the news, happy for her but kinda sad for me because it will be hard to see her next time. But then again, we also don't meet up with each other that often, usually we just visit each other's blog or comment on each other's FB messages, which we can still do even when we are in different countries. So I'm not very sure why I'm sad about! Maybe stupid hormones are making me sappy!

Singapore oh Singapore... why is your weather so hot and why is there so little things to do here? You make my friends migrate.... Well, perhaps it'll actually be a good excuse to go overseas and visit them next time.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Using image as your blog post signature

Recently I've been looking at some craft blogs for inspiration for decorating my baby's room and I noticed that a lot of those blogs have nice signatures below their blog posts, instead of just normal text.

There are 2 ways you can achieve this in Blogger, but first of all you need to choose or create an image file to be used as your signature. The image will preferably has a small file size so that it will load faster, and has transparent background so that it will match whatever your blog background is.

I used Adobe Photoshop to create mine but I'm sure you can use any image editor to create it or use some readily available online software to create your signature. Next you can upload it to Picasa or other image hosting service, and get the URL of that image. The easiest way to get the URL is to right click on the image once you have uploaded it, and then select "Copy Image URL" - note that the exact wording will vary based on the browser you are using.

Once you have your image ready, you have 2 options:
  1. Edit your blog template - this will affect all your previous and future blog posts
  2. Edit your post template - this will only take effect on your subsequent blog posts

Let's do the first option first..
  1. Go to your Dashboard > Layout > Edit HTML
  2. Save your current blog template, in case you mess up!
  3. Click on "Expand Widget Template"
  4. Search for the section that says <data:post.body/>
  5. Add your image URL by typing this just right after that line <div align="left"><img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE" style="border:none;" /></div>
  6. Click "Preview" and make sure that everything is ok.
  7. Click "Save Template" when you are done.

Now the 2nd option is less complicated..
  1. Go to your blog Dashboard > Settings > Formatting page
  2. Scroll down and find the "Post template" section
  3. Add your image URL by typing this just right after that line <img src="YOUR IMAGE URL HERE" style="border:none;" />
  4. Click "Save Settings" when you are done
  5. You can test whether you have done this correctly by attempting to create a new blog post, the image signature will be pre-populated there for you.

Happy trying!

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