Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Making Bubble or Pearl

My hubby attempted to make those bubbles that are usually in bubble tea. At first we could only find sago pearl, the white color type so not exactly the type they used for bubble tea.

He always thinks that food made in factories are dirty so he washed the sago dried pearl before cooking! HAHHAHAHAHHAHHA and then after a few minutes, he told me that there's no more bubble to cook. He think it's because it's the white color ones so the quality is not so good.

Then there was another time when we went to Chinatown and we saw this shop called Emporium that sells a lot of Taiwanese snacks and we found tapioca dried pearls, which is the black color type. Yay! So one day he tried to cook this, but of course he tried to be hygienic again, and he washed the tapioca dried pearls! HAHHHAHHAHAAH... and again he told me, there's no more bubble to cook! OMG...

This is the logic... If you wash sago or flour in running water, what will you have left? NOTHING! :D

Anyway, last night we went to Chinatown again and this time round we bought TWO packets of the dried tapioca pearls, just in case he forgot his first 2 lessons :D

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