Monday, November 2, 2009

More preggies and migrants

I just discovered 2 more pregnant people around me but their due date is kinda far from me, they are still in first trimester but seems like whatever the government is doing to make people pro-create is working! I'm seeing people getting pregnant everywhere nowadays! :D

And I just received a news that another friend is going to migrate to Australia. Somehow I had a mixed feeling when I heard the news, happy for her but kinda sad for me because it will be hard to see her next time. But then again, we also don't meet up with each other that often, usually we just visit each other's blog or comment on each other's FB messages, which we can still do even when we are in different countries. So I'm not very sure why I'm sad about! Maybe stupid hormones are making me sappy!

Singapore oh Singapore... why is your weather so hot and why is there so little things to do here? You make my friends migrate.... Well, perhaps it'll actually be a good excuse to go overseas and visit them next time.

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