Wednesday, December 30, 2009

As if life is not tough enough right now...

Check out my left arm...

So I got a glimpse of how hard it is living with just one hand... and I'm thankful that I have 2 hands, even though one isn't functioning really well now =)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Uncle Victor in Training

His first attempt was unrecorded, the baby cried immediately after he carried her. This is his 2nd attempt, much better... =)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visitors and other stuff

Recently we have a lot of visitors because there's a new baby at home. The other day, Eunice and Tong Fu came to visit us and today my ex-colleague, Joon and his wife, Chihiro, came to visit as well. My Bible study conductor and her friend came to visit today as well.

I like having people over at my house but recently I find it so hard to get ready before lunch time! Well, when I woke up, it's usually about 10 AM already and after doing a little bit of breakfast and lazing around, it's already lunch time! Before baby, even during pregnancy, I never expect life to be this busy. Time seems to fly really fast but I seem to accomplish nothing during that period of time. Sometimes I wonder whether life will ever be the same again.. Don't get me wrong, I love my new baby very much, but somehow I can't help feeling that I'm no longer me, but now I'm just someone's mother... feel a bit like identity crisis..

Anyway, today my mom dressed Michelle in the outfit that was sent by Siyong.. check her photo below. My hubby likes the 3/4 pants, he said it's very cute =)

After 2 weeks of post-natal depression, I finally find it easier to relax now. I guess it happened after I accept the fact that my milk supply will not be able to meet baby's demand (she's really a big eater!). Instead of keep on pushing myself, now I tell myself that it's ok to just do my best and not everyone is successful at breastfeeding. My husband said that if everyone is successful at breastfeeding, milk companies will not be as rich as they are now. And I'm also grateful that my gynae always give encouraging and no-nonsense advice. She actually told me to just be comfortable with whatever decision I made and not to listen to unsolicited advices from well-meaning people. I think I'm idolizing her a little bit too much, but I can't help to think that she's so cool.. ha ha..

Before that, I was feeling like why did I have baby in the first place when I'm such a crap mother... wasn't able to give birth naturally... wasn't able to provide milk... I should just stick to my normal job, at least I do reasonably well.. (I still check my office emails... can't help it... I miss my work...), but for now I take one day at a time and things can only get better from here =)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hee hee...

It was after bath time and she was behaving ever so sweetly and then suddenly.....


I swear I didn't teach her this! :p

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Michelle Kaylie Chien Yaxuan

Our baby girl, Michelle Kaylie Chien Yaxuan, is finally here.

She was delivered via emergency c-section after bullying mommy in labor for 12 hours. (actually mommy got a little *A LOT* help from the nice doctor who gave her epidural)

Monday, December 7, 2009


Finally, the day has arrived!

I'm going to be a mother tomorrow..... so weird... excited... scared... happy.. :)

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Last Minute Shopping for Baby

I dunno what I was thinking yesterday but once the doctor said that most probably we have to induce labor next week, the first thing that came to my mind is we have to GO OUT first! And the doctor also said "Enjoy your last weekend" so I thought we should really maximize our last weekend since hubby and I were on leave also yesterday.

We went to Vivo City to catch a movie "Couples Retreat". I like the movie and it really helped me to relax a little bit yesterday, took my mind off the high blood pressure saga. My mom wasn't very happy when I ended our conversation with "Gotta go, going to catch a movie now." She was telling me to go home, hang my feet up, rest, and don't go anywhere.

What I didn't tell her is that we spent even longer time in Vivo City buying more stuff for the baby. I thought that it will help me get rid of my anxiety. The more things you prepare for the baby, the less things you should worry about.

We ended up spending $100+ on toys plus another $100+ on books! I was really really tired at the end and asked my hubby to send me home before dinner time. But we did get to enjoy nice lunch at Brokerweitz (or some German resto, can't remember the spelling) and also a nice dessert at Hagen Dasz. Well, they only said I should reduce salt intake, they never say I can't eat sugar.... so, it seems like the only things I can eat now are cakes and fruits....

I should probably go to rest now so that I have more energy to go for my pedicure on Sunday... that's the treat a pregnant woman can get because she can't really reach her toes :D

Fast Forward Baby Arrival

We had another check-up yesterday and my blood pressure has gone up really high. It was 136/89 or 139/89 (can't remember) - previously it was always at about 120/80 and when I started my pregnancy it was only 112/78 or some even lower number. My doctor now wants to monitor me even more closely as it carries a high risk and might cut off oxygen supply to the baby.

Next check-up is on Monday and if blood pressure go up again, might have to induce labor immediately... so scared... My mom already changed her ticket to come tomorrow and we've got everything ready already, but I'm so worried and I'm scared of death....

I guess I should rest and not think too much, in case it really make my blood pressure goes even higher.... sigh, it's like a vicious cycle!

Thursday, December 3, 2009


We have been watching a lot of movies lately because we anticipated that we won't have much chance to do so after this week. My friend said we won't have much chance to eat at nice restaurant as well. Or at least if we do go to a nice restaurant, it won't be as enjoyable as last time because we have to feed the baby too and what if she makes a lot of noise?

So yesterday we decided to go to Plaza Singapura to have a nice dinner at Cafe Cartel and to watch 2012 as well.

The movie is about the Mayan's prediction that the world is going to end in the year of 2012. People call this Apocalypse or Armageddon, and they said there will be a lot of natural disaster like earthquake or earth plate movement, tsunami, fire balls (?!!?), etc.

The governments knew about this since 2009 (now!!) and they have been making evacuation plan for themselves and other rich people. The ticket to go into that ark is 1 billion euro per person! craziness... so if you want to survive this thinge, you need to be within the government circle who knew about this since beginning or be a very very very rich person.

The special effect that they used in this movie is really good and it's quite realistic. Nothing much about the story line, but I don't think how they picture the end of the world is accurate at all.

First of all, end of the world is God's judgement day. People who will survive this are people who are good in God's eye and not just rich people! And even if you are so freaking rich, building an ark won't save you if you are not pleasing to His eyes.

Anyway, inaccuracy aside, this movie is quite an enjoyable one if you like to see how good the special effects are.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Amazing Baby by Desmond Morris

I borrowed lots of baby and pregnancy related books from library yesterday, but I was so keen to read this one because it has soooooo many cute baby pictures inside!

This is the book's website: Amazing Baby

This book also tells about growth of the baby while inside the womb and for the first 2 years of baby's life. It tells about what baby knows and don't know at certain age, how they usually behave, and what the mother or caregiver should expect at certain stage.

One amazing thing that I learned from this book is about how a baby can naturally swim in warm water when they are less than 3 months old. They can automatically hold their breath and move their limbs to float inside the water. But I'm not going to try that on my own baby next time! :p

This is definitely a relaxing read for all mothers-to-be. The cute baby pictures make me feel so happy reading the books :D

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gift from Auntie Siyong

Today mommy received a gift for me from her good friend who is living in New Zealand. She said even though auntie Siyong lives far away, she remains close with us :)

The gift came in a box with a cute baby picture outside, but of course not as cute as me.. hehehe.. I learned to be extra-confident from my mom :D

And she packed all my new gifts nicely in this box, there's even a cute card for mommy. I can't tell you what is written in the card because I can't read yet, mommy helped me to type this. We have telepathy skill :D

And here are my new stuff... next time you'll see me strutting my stuff in this cool gears :)

Dear auntie Siyong,

Thank You, auntie Siyong! I ♥ the presents and can't wait to meet little baby boy or girl that is growing in your tummy too :)

Hugs with wet kisses,
baby Michelle :)

(since you're so curious what name mommy has given me... hee hee.. don't tell her I told you already!)

♥ Hua Mulan

We went to watch Mulan last night at Tampines Mall. I must say I really like the movie! ♥♥♥♥♥

Basically the story is about this girl who took over her old and sick dad's place to go to the war. Her martial art skill is so good and over the course of 12 years, she was promoted to General-in-chief of the Wei kingdom during some Chinese dynasty (forgive me for my poor knowledge of Chinese history...). According to my husband, that's the only truth in the movie, and the rest of the story for e.g. the love story are all fiction.

mulan zhao wei Pictures, Images and Photos

As if I care! HAHAHAHA... anyway, it will be so boring to just watch a movie full of war stuff. The love story actually makes it quite interesting. And I love the fact that this particular woman is actually better than thousands of men during that time? But I think the real Hua Mulan must not be as pretty or cute as Zhao Wei, or she would be discovered as a girl. Maybe Hua Mulan was quite big size and tomboyish looking? And Zhao Wei sounds so cute and girly too! How can the people at that time not notice someone who sound like a girl?? As a general, she would need to shout and give command to all her men.

Before I watched the movie, I actually read some reviews at GV website and a lot of people said they were kinda disappointed by the ending. But I think it's not that bad lah.... :)

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