Thursday, December 3, 2009


We have been watching a lot of movies lately because we anticipated that we won't have much chance to do so after this week. My friend said we won't have much chance to eat at nice restaurant as well. Or at least if we do go to a nice restaurant, it won't be as enjoyable as last time because we have to feed the baby too and what if she makes a lot of noise?

So yesterday we decided to go to Plaza Singapura to have a nice dinner at Cafe Cartel and to watch 2012 as well.

The movie is about the Mayan's prediction that the world is going to end in the year of 2012. People call this Apocalypse or Armageddon, and they said there will be a lot of natural disaster like earthquake or earth plate movement, tsunami, fire balls (?!!?), etc.

The governments knew about this since 2009 (now!!) and they have been making evacuation plan for themselves and other rich people. The ticket to go into that ark is 1 billion euro per person! craziness... so if you want to survive this thinge, you need to be within the government circle who knew about this since beginning or be a very very very rich person.

The special effect that they used in this movie is really good and it's quite realistic. Nothing much about the story line, but I don't think how they picture the end of the world is accurate at all.

First of all, end of the world is God's judgement day. People who will survive this are people who are good in God's eye and not just rich people! And even if you are so freaking rich, building an ark won't save you if you are not pleasing to His eyes.

Anyway, inaccuracy aside, this movie is quite an enjoyable one if you like to see how good the special effects are.

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