Tuesday, December 1, 2009

♥ Hua Mulan

We went to watch Mulan last night at Tampines Mall. I must say I really like the movie! ♥♥♥♥♥

Basically the story is about this girl who took over her old and sick dad's place to go to the war. Her martial art skill is so good and over the course of 12 years, she was promoted to General-in-chief of the Wei kingdom during some Chinese dynasty (forgive me for my poor knowledge of Chinese history...). According to my husband, that's the only truth in the movie, and the rest of the story for e.g. the love story are all fiction.

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As if I care! HAHAHAHA... anyway, it will be so boring to just watch a movie full of war stuff. The love story actually makes it quite interesting. And I love the fact that this particular woman is actually better than thousands of men during that time? But I think the real Hua Mulan must not be as pretty or cute as Zhao Wei, or she would be discovered as a girl. Maybe Hua Mulan was quite big size and tomboyish looking? And Zhao Wei sounds so cute and girly too! How can the people at that time not notice someone who sound like a girl?? As a general, she would need to shout and give command to all her men.

Before I watched the movie, I actually read some reviews at GV website and a lot of people said they were kinda disappointed by the ending. But I think it's not that bad lah.... :)

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