Sunday, December 27, 2009

Visitors and other stuff

Recently we have a lot of visitors because there's a new baby at home. The other day, Eunice and Tong Fu came to visit us and today my ex-colleague, Joon and his wife, Chihiro, came to visit as well. My Bible study conductor and her friend came to visit today as well.

I like having people over at my house but recently I find it so hard to get ready before lunch time! Well, when I woke up, it's usually about 10 AM already and after doing a little bit of breakfast and lazing around, it's already lunch time! Before baby, even during pregnancy, I never expect life to be this busy. Time seems to fly really fast but I seem to accomplish nothing during that period of time. Sometimes I wonder whether life will ever be the same again.. Don't get me wrong, I love my new baby very much, but somehow I can't help feeling that I'm no longer me, but now I'm just someone's mother... feel a bit like identity crisis..

Anyway, today my mom dressed Michelle in the outfit that was sent by Siyong.. check her photo below. My hubby likes the 3/4 pants, he said it's very cute =)

After 2 weeks of post-natal depression, I finally find it easier to relax now. I guess it happened after I accept the fact that my milk supply will not be able to meet baby's demand (she's really a big eater!). Instead of keep on pushing myself, now I tell myself that it's ok to just do my best and not everyone is successful at breastfeeding. My husband said that if everyone is successful at breastfeeding, milk companies will not be as rich as they are now. And I'm also grateful that my gynae always give encouraging and no-nonsense advice. She actually told me to just be comfortable with whatever decision I made and not to listen to unsolicited advices from well-meaning people. I think I'm idolizing her a little bit too much, but I can't help to think that she's so cool.. ha ha..

Before that, I was feeling like why did I have baby in the first place when I'm such a crap mother... wasn't able to give birth naturally... wasn't able to provide milk... I should just stick to my normal job, at least I do reasonably well.. (I still check my office emails... can't help it... I miss my work...), but for now I take one day at a time and things can only get better from here =)

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