Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just some updates

No, the Earth hasn't swallowed me yet, I just don't have that much continuous free time to blog nowadays. A lot of times I'm doing something and then Michelle cries and I just drop everything, and then forget about what I was doing earlier *old brain*.

Anyway, we have been going out quite a lot lately. For starters, we often take a walk just around our house until the small shopping center nearby and then just stay there for dinner and wait for my hubby to pick us up.

After that, we started going out to other further places like Vivo, Marina Sq, Suntec City, Orchard, Bugis, etc. Well, I guess almost all the big shopping centers in Singapore. I find that most of them have pretty decent baby care room, but the best baby care room so far is still in Suntec Level 3 (near Toys R Us) because it's big, bright, and clean, followed by IKEA just because they have smart design and they even provide baby wipes there. The rest are just normal standard kind of baby care room. I hate the one in ICA. It looks so dark and dirty!

Talking about ICA, my mom's long term visit pass has been approved! And now she can stay here for 5 years *subject to Dad's approval I guess...* but anyway, there's one less thing to worry now. I also brought Michelle to take passport size photo in ICA and just submitted her passport application through ICA website. When we have her passport, we can start going to Malaysia :)

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